I So Sick Of This Guy

28 07 2008

 I hate when he does that with his arms! Then he just stands there for a bit, then he starts walking to first. By the time he gets halfway down the baseline he will start to jog. Sometimes the ball does not go out of the park. Because of his antics, he ends up with a single instead of a double. He is a cocky bastid. The last straw for me was when he pushed the old dude in the clubhouse because he didn’t get what he wanted. You just don’t do that. 

 Now he is running his mouth about wanting to be traded! Good! Buh-buy!

 Trade him! Trade him! Please, no comments about what a great athlete he is. I don’t care. Part of what I love about the Sox is their (usually) good attitude and sportsmanship. This guy is a selfish, lazy, egomaniac. 

 You can go here to vote. It won’t make a difference but it made me feel better to do it anyway. It won’t let me take you right to the survey, just scroll down, you will see it.


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5 responses

28 07 2008

My opinion? With overpaid athletes boorishness is just a matter of degree, not kind.

28 07 2008

Have you seen the miniseries that ESPN did last year, The Bronx is Burning? I just finished watching it. It’s about the ’77 Yanks. Very interesting stuff, back in the time when the idea of the superstar athlete and all the bad behavior and attitude that came with it was coming into vogue. I never knew that Reggie Jackson was kind of an ass! I know it’s the Yanks but it’s worth a looksee.

28 07 2008

I’m with ya, Auntie…I am so sick of him!

28 07 2008

I haven’t seen it Kizz. I’ll try and track it down. I agree, Gerry, that they are overpaid. I do love the game though!

29 07 2008
Laurie B

Trade him? Fire him. He refuses to do the work he was hired to do, in the real world that gets you fired. It is if you work for me anyway.

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