…Should You Choose To Accept It…

27 07 2008


No real guns will be used.

No real guns will be used.



 I have been asked to go on a really important mission. I can’t say that much about it but I will say that it involves a small amount of danger and that if I get caught, I am to lie. I am so not a fan of lying but it absolutely essential in this case so as to keep me from getting my ass kicked or worse. Make no mistake, I will lie.

 When I go on this mission, I am going to call the Room-Mate and tell her I am there and when I leave. Also, she will know where I am and what to do if she does not receive a phone call in a reasonable amount of time. I was going to do it this afternoon however I think first thing in the morning, like 5 AM, will yield better results. 

 This is not a joke. When I was asked to do this mission I was filled with adrenalin. Did I spell that right or is there an “e” at the end? Anyway, I am super excited and not one bit nervous. 

 Also, the camera on my iphone will be used. I researched my mission and discovered that there is more work involved than I first thought. The best way for me to get in and out quickly is to take pictures on the down low.

 I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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5 responses

27 07 2008

Your life has so much more adventure than mine.

27 07 2008

I am on PINS and NEEDLES here, Girl! SPILL!

27 07 2008

Do you get to wear a cool disguise? Ooo! I can’t wait to hear what happens!

27 07 2008

You know Jules, I didn’t think to wear a disguise! I went this afternoon and I am going back tomorrow morning. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but the powers that be are happy! Oh, and I didn’t get to use my camera.

29 07 2008
Organic Mama

You’re entirely too cryptic… WHAH?”??

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