A Change Of Plans

26 07 2008


 This weekend I was planning on… Well, I wasn’t really sure. I thought I might head up to the lake with the Chilis or maybe just stay home and lay by the pool. My week involves so much planning and driving that I decided I just wanted to wake up and see what I felt like doing. 

 One of my bestist buds called. She was on her way home to NY from Canada and decided to stop for a day or two in Ogunquit. I don’t get to see her very often so I couldn’t miss this chance.

 I dragged the Room-Mate up there with me and we had a great day!


My Best Friend and her girlfriend

My Best Friend and her girlfriend


Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow

 While we were there, I sugessted to the Room-Mate that we stop and get some steamers. She thought that was a good idea and cooked them up with some beer and fresh basil. Yummy!




One response

26 07 2008
Laurie B

Our lake isn’t so far from OGC (one hour inland) and we love to get over there but once we get to the lake we turn into serious old farts and just stay put.

Hope you get up to the Chili family with a kayak. They need the reinforcement and the boat.

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