Bird Brain

24 07 2008

 Sometimes I have a crappy day. Today was one of them. The day started with torrential downpours that forced me to pull over for about 20 minutes. I really shouldn’t complain though. My area got off pretty easy, others, not so much.

 Then I had a tough client. All I am going to say is that I don’t deal well with lying, whining, or inability to take responsibility for ones behaviors. In addition to that, staff rubbed me the wrong way today. The cherry on top was that was that I didn’t get any lunch today. All that adds up to one cranky Auntie.

 I was with aforementioned client for three and a half hours today. I was trying to get her placed. I couldn’t very well just ditch her on the side of the road. Most of the time was spent in the car waiting for return phone calls. This guy paid us a visit;


 Why, you may ask, is there a bird sitting on my rear view mirror? Seeds! I was eating them and dropping them out the window!

 As you can see, some of them stuck to the window. I wanted to see if he was going to try to get them off. He didn’t. He did show his displeasure by showing me his backside.


 Then he flew off.

 I feel better now, I vented to Chili on the way home and I made myself a nice slab of bovine on the BBQ.




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25 07 2008

At least you had one good, neat thing in the day. Having a bird come and hang out with you is pretty cool.

25 07 2008

OH, how I wish I could manage bovine on the grill. I’m afraid I’m still only good for squishy food.

Great shots of the bird.

25 07 2008

It rained pretty much all day yesterday and well into the night here in Falmouth. It was still raining strongly when I put myself to bed near midnight.

I listened to Dar Williams’s “The Beauty of the Rain” just before I turned out the light (headphones, iPod).

Having gotten your permission, I added you to my blogroll today.

25 07 2008
Organic Mama

I have rarely seen it rain as hard as it did yesterday. Glad to see you had a little visitor to help pass the time and brighten up your otherwise crappy day. It’s too bad Chili can’t share the bovine with you – you might offer to chew it first for her. I offered to prechew some crunchy stuff for her yesterday – what are friends for? – but she declined. Maybe sister cooties are better?

25 07 2008

I just came by way of Two Blue Day.

So let me guess. You are a social worker of some sort (I remember those days), and you live in… Texas? (I lived in Austin 10 years and miss the dramatic storms. Here in sunny Cali it can get boooorrrring.)

Since I have a baby my time for reading is limited (especially archives). I’ll try to dip in here and there to get to know you. 🙂

26 07 2008

Thanks for stopping by Kathryn! I do not live in Texas. New England!

26 07 2008

California people don’t draw much distinction between anything east of Las Vegas. Sort of like there’s California and everything else. Sort of like there are only two languages: If it isn’t English it’s all Greek to me.

Just kidding Kathryn!

26 07 2008

Ah, New England! I lived grew up and lived in Syracuse, NY for several decades (I know that’s not New England, but I do remember the weather).

Gerry — before I lived in California, I thought that too. 🙂 At least Texas is east of Las Vegas.

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