Don’t Mess With The Law

23 07 2008

 I really look forward to every other Wednesday now. It’s drug court day. I go every week but Mr. Traitor only comes every other week. Here is how the day unfolded;

 Mr. Traitor got called up. As soon as his name was called, a grin came upon the judges face. (As a side note I would like to say that the judge is a very handsome older gentleman. He has a wicked cute smile and he is usually an upbeat kinda guy. Plus, it is clear he really cares about the folks that come into his court room and he really thinks about what is in their best interest. That in of itself is very attractive to me. He is not on a power trip, that is so unattractive to me. I may even go so far as to say that I would pick him as a secret boyfriend.)

“Mr. Traitor, it’s going to be an interesting weekend!”

 For those of you who don’t know, the Sox are playing the Yankees this week. Duh!

“Yes Sir, it is.”

“I’ll make a deal with you. If your team sweeps the Sox, I will allow you to wear your Yankees shirt in my court room.”

“Ok. How about two out of three?”

“Two out of three? Sure!” The judge is clearly very confidant the Sox are going to sweep.

“Your honor? How about if the Yankees sweep you have to wear a Yankees shirt to court?” Ms. PO said.

 People, I thought I was going to poop in my pants when she said that! The judge said nothing. He glared at her. She looked nervously at him, then the audience. Back at him, then the audience. The silence and tension seemed to last forever. My mouth was wide open and my eyes were big. I wondered if he would hold her in contempt. Finally he said “Ms. PO, how is Mr. Traitor doing this week?” I wonder if he gave her a talking to after court let out..

 I have a lot of respect for this woman. She is really good at what she does. In that moment I decided she earned some more. She had the balls to hit him where it hurts, to make him put his money where his mouth is. He didn’t bite though. Would I? No way. You will never catch me in a Yankees shirt. Ever.



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23 07 2008

This time of year the Yankees find yet another way to screw me. It was nearly impossible to get on the train home today because there had been a day game and all the fans were on my train line clogging up the works!

23 07 2008
Mrs. G.

Girl, if I saw you in a Yankees jersey, I would know that hell was freezing over and donkeys were about to fly.

24 07 2008

I took a picture for you when Mr. Chili and I were away a couple of weekends ago – it’s of a little-kid shirt and it says “Yankees Yuck!” I thought that was adorable, and if you ever give me a niece or nephew, that’s going to be something I give them.

24 07 2008

Auntie has a secret boyfriend!! teehee!

24 07 2008

You know, do you not, that around the 4th of July some local AH here in Falmouth beat up a guy with a bat for the sin of having NY Jankee license tags, right? Guy wasn’t sportin’ no bumper sticker or any such stuff. What is it with these verdamte baseball teams!? Baseball is too boring to get worked up about. Spoiled millionaires (working for billionaires) are not worth throwing hands over. Then again, I spend hours watching chickadees, sparrows, titmousies and the like at feeders, so I haven’t got much more of a life than your rabid sports fan.

Court can be amusing, but I never held my breath waiting for such an eventuality.

One day the Right Honorable Harold Vann (with his flat-top haircut and all) was presiding at the sentencing of a fellow, and asked if he had anything to say for himself. The guy said, “Judge, I’ve been railroaded!” Judge Vann made a motion like an engineer on a train pulling the whistle lanyard and said, “Toot, toot, all aboard for the Big House.”

24 07 2008

Oh, by the way, my blogroll is pretty depleted, what with thinning it on purpose, and people quitting or, sadly, suffering personal tragedies which put the kibosh on their blogging.

So, (feeling like Juno telling her parents she’s preggers), I’m asking your permission to add you to my list. (Whew! Why was that so hard)?

24 07 2008

Chili, no child of mine will ever wear anything that has the word yankee on it. Not even yankee home coming!

Gerry, toot, toot! HAHAH! I love it! Thanks for the laugh! I needed that!

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