Ten Things Tuesday

22 07 2008

More randomness;

1. Mrs. Chili is home safely from the dentist. The doctor said she did a good job but her teeth were hard to get out. She is currently snoozing on the couch with a bag of frozen corn on her face.

2. I set the timer on my awesome iphone to go off in 20 min. This is so I know when to make her put it on the other side of her face. Another great reason to keep the phone.

3. Speaking of iphones, Chili asked me three times on the ride home if I had her phone. She asked me nothing else. It’s not just me people!

4. I brought work home with me but I don’t think I will get much done. I’ll let you know how that works out.

5. I did go to work until 12:30 today. I met with a client who found herself in a bit of a spot. We discussed her options and I told her the final decision was up to her. I am happy to report she did the “right” thing! She said it was hard and that she was nervous. I asked her when the last time she did the “right” thing was, she said she couldn’t even remember. 

6. Clients have asked me why I do the work I do. I tell them; “Because I can.” What I mean by that is that I have the skills to do what I have to do and do it well. What I also mean is because I have the desire to help the human race. On days like today, when a client learns to and has the courage to do something that is truly in their best interest, it is an amazing thing to watch. And you know what else? It feels pretty damn good to be a supportive, non-judgmental presence in someone’s life. I get paid crap. Knowing my clients are safe, learning new skills, and healthy make up for the lack of pay. The gratitude I get from them is an added bonus. 

7. My plants are getting really big! Hopefully I will be eating tomatoes by the end of the week.

8. I am so not happy with the flowers. Next year I will do more research.

9. Thank God the Sox beat Seattle. I am not worried about the state of our team but after being swept this past weekend we need some wins.

10. I hate west coast games. They don’t start until about an hour after I have gone to bed!

 Thats really all I have for this week. I really haven’t had to much to say the last few weeks. Does that mean my life is boring?  Anyway, happy Tuesday!




4 responses

22 07 2008

Just means you’re out living your life instead of home writing about it.

Thanks for taking care of our girl. Blow her a kiss for me, please.

22 07 2008

You know Kizz, I would have blown her a kiss but she wouldn’t have remembered it..

23 07 2008

Sweetie, thank you so much for taking care of me (and my iPhone. Truly, I have ZERO recollection of anything after Terry sat me down in the waiting room). And I’m REALLY sorry for puking…

23 07 2008

No problem Chili. And really, the puking is no big deal!

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