21 07 2008

I called Chili today. Or maybe she called me. Yes, now that I think of it, she called me. Anyway, I had to call her back. Here is part of our conversation;

“When you call me, the ring tone is the sound of a motorcycle. I don’t know why it does that, I’ll have to change that.”

“That’s because I changed it to the motorcycle ring tone.”

“You did? When?”

“The other day when I was playing with your phone.”

 See how sly I am! I sneak on in, attack, and you never know what hit you until days later. (Insert evil laughter here!)

 In a related story, I am picking her up from the mean, mean man that is extracting her teeth dentist tomorrow. She is going to be all doped up. Man oh man could I have some fun with this! I think the extent of it will be making her say funny shit on the way home. Actually, I was thinking about it earlier today. This may be the first time I have had to really take care of her. I did drive her home from the dentist one other time. She had this wicked procedure done. It’s called a cleaning. Man, they are brutal! Anyway, she was a bit silly from that but she didn’t really need much care. My plan is to dote on her. I am looking forward to taking care of her. I’ll save my mayhem for another day. Perhaps when I am guest blogging for her!




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