I Don’t Think I Can Give It Back

19 07 2008

 Sorry I keep talking about this phone. When something weighs heavily on my mind I tend to talk it out. A lot.

 So today I went to the beach with the Room-Mate and two other peeps I haven’t thought of names for yet. We are out there having a good time talking, drinking beers, margaritas, and wine. Occasionally we get distracted by a overweight gay man in a speedo which makes me want to drink a bit more but whatever floats your boat I guess. Anyway, the Room-Mate says; “Was that lighting?” to which one of the gals replies; “There is supposed to be only a 10% chance of storms today.” What do I do? I whip out my phone and go to the national weather service page, type in our location and find that severe storms are heading our way. 

 We packed our shit and went home.

 When I got home I checked again. The area we were in was getting slammed with storms.

 Now, we are all smart enough to watch the sky. Also, the lifeguard blows a horn to alert people of storms. People still die from lightening strikes though so really, we could say that my phone may have saved our lives today, right?


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4 responses

19 07 2008

How could you possibly give back something that saved your life?!! You’d be a fool not to keep it now!

19 07 2008

It ABSOLUTELY saved your life. Keep it.

I was REALLY excited when I thought you’d taken that picture with your phone. That ALONE would have been reason enough to keep the thing…

20 07 2008
Mrs. G.

That is an incredible photo!

20 07 2008
Laurie B

Keep the phone! Thanks for not taking a picture of the guy in the Speedo. Really.

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