Ten Things Tuesday

15 07 2008

Ten things about my iphone;

1.I love the map feature!

If you press the button in the lower left corner it tells you where you are. From there you can type in where you want to go and it maps out the route and gives you turn by turn directions to get you there. In addition to that, it continues to tell you where you are! There is a little pin that moves as you drive/walk. What I really like is that you can type in either an address or a category. For example, on Sunday the Room-Mate and I decided to hit some golf balls. I had it find my location then I typed “driving ranges” in the search box. Suddenly I had a list of driving ranges to pick from. I picked the closest one and it mapped my route! So cool!

 As a side note I did very well at the range. Mr. Chili would have been proud!

 Oh! Also you can type in an address and it gives you the option to add that address to your contacts. For example, the SLM’s just closed on their new house yesterday. Congratulations kids! SLM1 told me the address and with a couple of taps it was added to their contact info!

2. Text messages!

 It shows you the entire conversation you have had with the person which I think is a very cool feature. The keyboard is much easier to use than I thought it would be and it is smart. It tries  to guess the word you are typing. Handy for me because I am not so great (OK! I suck!) at spelling. 

3. Photos!

 At first I was thinking the camera was lame because it doesn’t let you zoom. I soon learned that after you take the picture you can zoom in on the specific part you want. As I said before, I wish it had the capacity to take videos. 

4. Internet!

 I can check my mail, the news, and sports scores. I have already used it to look up something for a client. No more “I’ll look it up and get back to you.”! Not only is it fun to use, it is making me more productive!

5. Instant weather for any city!

 It always says that it is 73 degrees. That will piss me off in the middle of winter when it is freezing cold and I want it to be 73.

6. I almost forgot. It’s a phone! The sound is very clear. I think it picks up to much background noise though. I like that I can add contacts to my favorite list. 

That makes it much easier to make a call.

7. Voice mail!

 I can listen to my messages in any order I want! All I have to do is tap the name and the message plays!

8. So I was driving home from work, talking on my phone when I saw this cute dog hanging out with the farmer. Wait! That’s not a dog! I gotta call you back!

Folks, that’s a coyote indicated by the yellow arrow. What troubled me was that he really didn’t care that there was a giant tractor (indicated by the red arrow) 75 yards away from him and a person in a car (sorry, no arrow) taking his picture with an iphone maybe 30 yards away from him. He looked thirsty. It was hot here today. I wanted to get out and give him some water but I thought better of it.

9. The customer service people never called me back so I called them this morning. They are not budging. I really don’t know what to do. I love the phone but it’s a lot of cake for someone in social service.. I am going to call Mr. Chili later and ask his advice. I don’t usually ask for advice but I am struggling with this one…

10. The battery sucks! I have turned off all the things I don’t use all the time and only turn them on when I need to. Wi-Fi, 3G, Blue Tooth. I even turned down the brightness. Granted, I am playing with it a lot. It’s new for crying out loud! Still, I would like to see it last more then a day.


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9 responses

15 07 2008
Mrs. G.

I want one of these! I will have to wait until my 8-year-old cell phone dies. I hope it’s soon.

15 07 2008

I’m SO jealous! I really want one but I’m trying to be patient. Patience is NOT one of my strengths!

15 07 2008
Laurie B

OK, Everybody we know that is under the age of 50 tells us we have to have one of those. I love the camera thing, I totally love the GPs thing, I do believe that the BEW should have a new iphone but she will either lose it somewhere or just not know how to answer it and besides all of that, we will not pay the godawfull sum to be hooked up. In our terminology, junkies are hooked, phone users..uhhmmm..seee any difference there?

I’m still asking why anybody would want to be connected 24/7?

We can still use a map and can ask for directions. I like to talk with people about their neighborhood. Hook me up with oldfarts.com.

We were away at the lake last week and we talked with each other and read and slept and cooked and only got on line a little bit.

From what I’ve read, you all had a good week too.

16 07 2008

Mrs.G? You have a phone that is 8 years old? Is it in a bag? It still works?

16 07 2008

Hey, don’t make fun of Mrs. G. If I could have made my first phone last that long I would have kept it. It was a powerhouse and tiny and indestructible. The battery conked out and it was more expensive to buy a new battery than to buy a new, crappier phone.

That battery life thing is getting everyone down. It has to do with the new network but it’s a real deal breaker for anyone who works away from outlets most of the time like you do. Car charger would help I guess.

16 07 2008

I can’t imagine having a phone that long, Kizz. The technology has changed so much I am surprised it still works….
The car charger I have for my ipod will not charge my phone. Blah!!!

19 07 2008

You change phones every time there’s something new and you’re surprised about the charger thing. They want you to spend more money!

You know me, I hate change, I also feel like my cell is, to some extent, an indulgence so switching it just because I CAN seems selfish or something to me. So I don’t. I don’t like the phone I have now but it does all the things I really NEED it to do so why wouldn’t I keep it until it disintegrates, you know?

1 09 2008
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