Late Again

9 07 2008

I was too tired after my camping trip to write anything so here is my late TTT;

1. Camping was a ton of fun!

2. I spent a good amount of time relaxing. Observe!

2. I also did some kayaking with Auntie Teacher and the boys. The young ones did a fine job paddling and they did a great job listening to my instructions. Auntie Teacher was able to get in and out of her boat without flipping it! Little Boss got in on the action, too!

3. Boss and Little Boss came by Monday morning with home fries and coffee! Boss also cooked the eggs! Thanks Boss!!!

4. Little Boss had a pretty good wipe out. She was sitting on a blanket and maybe reached for something (?) and landed on her forehead. She scraped it a bit and it was all red. She only cried for a few seconds though, she is one tough nut! When I used to do the hardcore mountain biking thing with the guys the game was the first one who bleeds wins! She bled first so she won!

5. The kids weren’t as interested in my book as I thought they would be. They did successfully identify a sapling though. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I usually am. I was doing something else at the time although I don’t remember what. I pretty much handed them the book and said “Here! Go find something!”.

6. The SLM’s seemed to enjoy themselves. SLM1 did way better then I thought she would. She is pretty girly so I wasn’t sure how she would like it. SLM2 came with a hurt shoulder and ended up going to the doctor when she got home. I think she would have had a much better time if she was feeling better. She didn’t even go out in my kayak. Bummer.

7. Yesterday my body was tired. I love the way that feels. It meant I had a full couple of days of kayaking, swimming and fresh air! I spent most of the day floating around the pool.

8. After much thought, I have decided to not get my iphone when the store opens. Doing so would totally mess up my day. In addition to that, if I got it before work, I would be playing with it and not get much actual work done. I will go after work and hopefully they won’t be sold out.

9. So for those of you who don’t really know baseball, what you need to understand is that Tampa Bay, until this year, has sucked big time. They have been the laughing stock of MLB for years. Remember the conversation the judge had with dumb ass Mr. Traitor? Well, today it continued. Please note that the Yankees played Tampa Bay last night.

“Good morning Mr. Traitor! I am rooting for your team this week! I am happy they won last night and I hope they win today!” He says with a playful grin on his face.

“Good morning your Honor! Are you aware that your team is three games behind TAMPA BAY!!”

The court room was filled with nervous laughter. Someone said out loud “Oh no.” and I thought in my head that I couldn’t believe this kid just said that to the judge. His grin faded to a very stern look. Although I am sure it was only a second or two, the two of them stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Good God! What was the judge going to say to that?!

“Yes I am Mr. Traitor. How many games is your team back?” The playfulness returned.

Silence in the court room.

“Do you know? Seven I believe. We’ll just see where we all stand next week, won’t we?”

Both the Sox and the Spankees won today. That puts us at two games back and them at six and a half.

10. I got picked to do a guest post over at Chili’s place. Insert evil laughter here!




5 responses

9 07 2008

Who did your patriotic toesies?

9 07 2008

I’m glad you had a good time. Are you going to come up for a day at the lake with us when we’re there?

9 07 2008

Kizz, me and Boss went for pedicures last week! It was my first professional pedicure! I think the white stripe is to fat. I am taking it off today or tomorrow because my toenails (and fingernails and hair!) grow so fast it already looks dumb.

Chili, I would love to come up to the lake! I’ll bring the kayak up, you bring it back.

10 07 2008

DEAL! Don’t worry about my in-laws; we’ve got separate cabins and separate docks. Besides, they’ll be on vacation, too, and everyone’s nicer on vacation…

11 07 2008
F-F-Friday! « The Blue Door

[…] and I’ve scheduled it to go up – I didn’t even read it: I love surprises!). My sister, she of the evil laugh (should I be nervous?) is unleashing her particular brand of evil here on Monday. Kizz signed up […]

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