6 07 2008

 I am off to go camping until Tuesday!! If I am not to tired, I will post something then. I am sure I will have funny stories to tell because Auntie Teacher is going and she is always good for a laugh! In fact, I sent her an email the other day telling her not to worry because I will remove any and all bugs that find their way into her tent. When I spoke to her on Friday she thanked me for that.

 Hope you all have a good couple of days!




3 responses

6 07 2008

Have fun, Sweetie! Better you than me!

6 07 2008

Chili, sometimes I find it hard to believe we share genes! I’ll never forget the time, just after Punkin was born, when you invited me up to “camp”. Your “camp” was a 4 bedroom house with a gourmet kitchen.
“But it’s on a lake!” you said..

9 07 2008

How was your camping trip??

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