Late TTT and FFF

5 07 2008

 Wow! I haven’t written a post in a long time! I have been super busy at work this past week. I have a ton of new clients. New clients usually require a lot of my time. I am happy to report that most of my clients are doing extremely well. Even Intake Boy! He has turned out to be one of the nicest young men that I have met in a really long time!

 A super late TTT;

1. As I said, work has been really busy. Even so, all I have been able to think about is going camping!

 This is the tent I have. Notice in the 2nd picture how the rain fly goes all the way to the bottom? It’s hard to find tents with full coverage rain flies these days. I spent a little extra money on this beauty but she has not let me down. Last year I went camping with Boss. It rained the entire time. I, and my stuff, stayed completely dry! While I was in the tent anyway..

2. I am camping with Auntie Teacher, the SLM’s, and their boys. The kids have never been camping before and I am excited to teach them stuff! I am going to teach them how to SAFELY make a fire and all the responsibilities that come with having a campfire, and I plan on teaching them how to identify all kinds of plants and animals. 


 I love this book! It lives in the car so I always have it. The boys are pretty good about sitting through my spontaneous lessons about stuff. I am not one to just show kids how to do something. I like to get them to try and logically figure stuff out on their own and help them work the step as needed. My plan is to show them how to use this book, send them out (but stay close!) and drink a cold beer while waiting for them to call me when they have found and possibly identified something interesting. There are rules though. 1. Do not kill anything. 2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT bring back any snakes!! I hate snakes!


 My kayak! I have not been out in it yet this year and I am so looking forward to being out on the lake!

4. In addition to being excited about going camping, I am also looking forward to this;

 It comes out July 11th. I can’t wait! I have been debating for awhile now about getting this or not. I’m doing it. It has several awesome features including google maps. I have wanted some kind of GPS for some time now. My phone pulls up maps but it is really hard to use and does not show your current location. I don’t want an in car GPS. They get stolen in record numbers. Currently, my most used navigation system is Mrs. Chili. When she is available, she is wicked reliable. Turn by turn directions at at there best!

“Chili, Google me!”

“Where are you?”

“282 Broadway.”

“Ok, where are you going?”

” 87 Pine.”

“One second.. Got ya! Ok, take a left on Adams..”

 See what I mean! She is great. The iphone won’t give me audible turn by turn but it is the next best thing. Yes, I do have a map in the car and yes, I do use it. Sometimes I am in a hurry though or  I am walking so it a real map is just not practicle.

5. Kizz’s show is today! Me and Chili are heading down. I haven’t seen Kizz since last summer and I have not seen her preform in several years. I am super excited!

6. I am thinking about going to the Tea dance tonight. It has been awhile since I have had some dyke drama!

7. We have had a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks. My plants and veggies have not gotten enough sun and as a consequence, are not doing as well as I had hoped. All is not lost though! My tomatoes are getting flowers!

And this guy seems pretty happy!

8. The room-mate likes it when I do tricks off the diving board. “Auntie! Do a trick!” she yells when I get up there. For YEARS I thought she liked to see my flip. Flips are not easy. It is tough to land feet first. Belly flops hurt. Back flops hurt more. Last night she wanted a trick so I did a flip. 

” You know Auntie, what I really like is your jack knife.”

 Are you kidding me! All this time I have been trying to impress her with a freaking flip and she want’s a dive! Ugh!

9. After that we entertained ourselves by trying to hit foam golf balls into the cockpit of my kayak. She didn’t have the right tool for the job; a driver. I used a wedge. I only got one in but had a ton that were close. She was close too considering she had the wrong club. We tried direct shots as well as using the house as a back board. I pitched a few on the roof in hopes they would roll in. No luck.

10. Crap! It is 7am and I have a ton of stuff to do before I meet Chili! Gotta run! Have a great weekend!



Photo credit; Tent, Field Guide, Kayak, Iphone




4 responses

5 07 2008

BUMMED that we/I can’t go camping and kayaking with y’all!!!

5 07 2008

PLEASE don’t stop calling me for directions! I LOVE feeling helpful…

Thanks for today – it was fun!

I love you!


6 07 2008
Mrs. G.

Have fun!

7 07 2008

Thanks again for coming to see the show! It was fabulous to see you.

I was thinking about splurging on the iPhone, too, but then AT&T went and upped the charges for service and stuff so I don’t think I’m going to take the leap. I hate that. I’m very envious. Enjoy your phone!

Hope you’re having a glorious time camping!

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