27 06 2008

Please go here and read this. Please gather all the stuff you do not use and put it in a bag. Please buy what ever you can. Anything will help I think. If you live close to me, bring it to me or ask me to pick it up. I will ship it. I will pay for shipping. If you do not live close to me, please ship it. Thank you.




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27 06 2008

I’ll get some stuff this weekend.

27 06 2008

Thank you so much!! I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

I will gratefully accept and pass on whatever anyone can send. In particular I think it would be good to get some pet toys (they had to be separated from their owners and went through quite a bit of trauma) and anything that will bring a moment of enjoyment, escape, or pampering. But, like I said, I will gratefully accept whatever you send.

Thank you!

4 07 2008
Organic Mama

Thanks for posting this, Auntie; I would not have otherwise known about this avenue to help and I getting right on boards.

4 07 2008
Organic Mama

Jeez, I am getting right on board, but you know, COHERENTLY.

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