Maybe This Will Help

25 06 2008

On Sunday my friend Lime Green came by for a visit. It was awesome to see her, it had been way too long since we got together.

Me, her, and the Room-Mate were sitting around chatting and we started talking about Feng Shui. She is in my room explaining what areas represent the different aspects of Feng Shui when she says;

“This corner represents your love life.” While motioning towards my bookshelf. “Oh! Auntie, you might want to move these books!”

Eureka! That explains my girl woes, specifically the weirdos that seem to be attracted to me!

Sitting on the shelf are my DSM (lists all mental health disorders) and Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders.

I could not move those books fast enough! I’m not usually willing to put a lot of stock into things like that but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Interestingly, they were in the same corner of my old apartment too. I’ll keep you posted.




5 responses

25 06 2008

It can’t HURT, right?

25 06 2008

Fung Shui absolutely works!! You might want to move your bed to the other wall (across from the door)…I think that’s more “welcoming” in Fung Shui…I have a book…I’ll bring it over!

26 06 2008

MST, wanna come to MY house?

26 06 2008

Um, MST? You have been in my room. Why have you not mentioned that sooner???!!!

27 06 2008

Mrs. Chili, I would LOVE to come to your house…
and sorry, Auntie…I thought the same thing as I was writing that comment…why didn’t I think of that sooner???????

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