A Lesson From Auntie

19 06 2008

 Beanie’s talent show was today and she was awesome! Hopefully Chili will have the video up on her blog soon. Check over there for updates.

 I picked Punkin up at school today. She was happy that she got to get out for a couple of hours to see her sister. She said, and I quote; ” You know Auntie, I have heard this poem 200 times already. This should be more fun though.”

 So we go and we watch and Punkin gets a bit antsy so I let her play Tetris on my phone. Beaner gets her turn, we watch and listen, and back to Punkins to school we went.

 Walking back to my car she tells me she is hungry. I tell her all I’ve got is sunflower seeds. She gets in the car and I hand her the bag. She grabs a handful and starts eating them.

 ” What do I do with the shell?” She asks.

“Spit!” I say as I put her window down.



“What if I spit on the car?”

“Punkin, if you look at the door when you get out you will see dried out shells stuck on it! Look on the floor! Sometime they blow back in.” (It’s gross, I know..)

“Well, how do you keep them from coming back in?”

“You really can’t help it sometimes. It really depends on your speed and wind direction. Just try to swallow your spit before you spit the shell out.”

 “Ptooie! Hehehe!” Is the delightful sound coming from my back seat. She does it over and over again and is loving every minuet of it. I was too! It is so much fun to teach you nieces fun things to do! After a bit of spitting I decide she might be thirsty after all that salt so I pass her my medium iced mocha latte to wash them down. 

 When we go to her school she asked if she have some seeds to go.

“Of course you can! Only eat them when you are allowed to! If you get busted for eating them in class it’s on you!!” 

 So her little hand reaches in the bag and she stuffs them in her front pocket.

“You want more than that? That’s not really enough, take more!”

“OK.” And in her hand goes again. She gets maybe 5.

“No Punkin, like this!” 

 I grab a giant handful and stuff them in her pockets. Front, back and chest.

“Um, Auntie? I think that’s enough!” She says while giggling. “I’m going to be sitting on them!”

“At least they will already be cracked open!”

 So we walk in to school, say our goodbyes and to work I go. I grab my latte and before I take a sip it occurs to me that I didn’t drink very much on the way in because I didn’t want to have to get up and use the restroom during the talent show. The phone call to Chili went something like this;


“Um, hi. Um, Punkin may not have a very good day at school today and you may be hearing from her teachers.”

“Why?” She says with the voice they give you when you become a mommy.

“Well, we were eating seeds and I thought she might be thirsty so I gave her my latte to have a sip. I just realized that she chugged about half of it.” (That’s my girl!)

“So she’s going to have a caffeine buzz today? OK, no big deal.”

Whew! I thought I was going to be in trouble for that one. Usually when I share my coffee with her it is decaf. Oops!

 In other news, I called the PO to find out what happened with my guys in custody. Mr. Already Back In Jail got released. My response was;

“Wow! I am assuming he has just used his 9th life?”

“Yup! The judge told him this was his absolute last chance. I told him he needed to call you this week. As far as Intake Boy goes, he got released too. The judge said ‘ You need to have an appointment secured with Ms. Auntie for next week.’ He said ‘ What if she is busy?’ to which the judge replied ‘I suggest you beg her for an appointment!’ Hopefully he will be calling you.”

“OK! I will be waiting for his call!” I said while laughing hysterically. 

 Intake Boy called me shortly after. He apologized several times for missing his appointment with me and promised not to miss the next one!



6 responses

19 06 2008

They DO give you that voice when you become a mommy – though you’ve got it down pretty good, too, so I suspect it just comes with lots of practice with recalcitrant smallish people.

I wasn’t worried about the caffeine buzz. She’s pretty good in public; it’s when she’s in her own environment that she can get a little crazy (but please DO teach her to not leave little rice bowls full of spitty sunflower shells on random tables. That’s just nasty…)

We’re working on the video – I may have it on by tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything…

19 06 2008

Heh. It’s good to teach them these lessons and set them free! Awesome day!

19 06 2008

Will you adopt me as your niece?

20 06 2008
Organic Mama

You seriously get some serious Auntie Mojo (and create long-lasting memories) when you interact in that way with small very bright ones. Wanna Aunt my kids, too?

20 06 2008
Organic Mama

That’s TWO seriouses. I’m repetitively redundant today….

21 06 2008

I would O’ Mamma but I don’t even see my own as much as I would like. When they get back from camp figure something out with Chili and the two of you can bring the four of them down to my place. I’ll keep an eye on them here. We can swim and spit seeds and you girls can go shopping or something! Or you can hang out at the pool. Whatever!

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