DO NOT Miss An Appointment With Me!

18 06 2008

I had another busy day today. I was in the office by 7 to do paper work. That didn’t work out because I got stopped in the hall a couple of times. One person was looking for my boss. I told her he was probably sleeping. We chatted for a few and off I went to see if my client was up and getting ready to leave by 8. On the way there I got stopped again. This time it was the methadone clinician reminding me that today was cookie day. My work started baking cookies on Wednesdays for us. This lady always walks around with a tray full of hot cookies and hands them out. I now call her the cookie lady. Anyway, she will not let you pass with out taking a cookie. It’s like a rule or something which is fine by me because I love cookies. So I tell her that I think it sucks that cookie day is always on Wednesdays because I am usually in court on Wednesdays and miss out on my weekly cookie. This also means that I miss the monthly professional development trainings we have which bums me out also..

Finally I get to my client’s room and ask her if she will be ready at 8 to leave because I have a 9:00 intake. She says yes, I head back to my office and check my mail and take two phone calls. By now it’s 8 so I go tell my client I am pulling the car around and to meet me out front. I pull my car around, she meets me with two bags but has to run upstairs to get the last two. While I am waiting the freaking parking police guy asks me how long I will be. I tell him she is coming right back and we will be on our way. He goes on to tell me that there is a lot of traffic and I shouldn’t park there. I look at him, then at the agency van parked right in front of me, then at him, then at the badge attached to my belt, then at him again. I said OK but with a look and with a tone that said “Dude. I work here. Back off.”

For any of you who have never been to a methadone clinic, I will tell you that it’s a zoo in the morning. So much so that they decided to hire this guy to make sure people are doing what they need to do out there. I would like to take a moment to add that we have two huge parking lots and a circle in the middle. What this means is I was not in the way at all. Whatever.

So, I bring the client to her new program and head over to the other office to meet the intake kid. By 9:15 he hasn’t showed so I called him. No answer. I sit around and chat with my co-workers for the next hour because I only planned on doing the intake so I didn’t bring any work with me. At 10:15 I leave to get the first client to bring her to court. The same court the intake kid goes to. Remember that. It’s important to the story. As I leave (oh, also remember that the other office is in the scary city that will soon be home to my new office) I hit a detour. A detour caused by this man;

He is filming a movie in town and totally fucking up traffic. What you need to understand is that if you end up on the wrong side of town you will end up looking like he does in this picture. In fact, last weekend 2 people got shot and 3 or so got stabbed in the span of 5 or so hours. Nice. Needless to say I am having a wee bit of anxiety. Thankfully, I found my way around and picked up my client without incident. Off to court we go!

We get in there and her PO comes to say hello and asks me about Intake Boy. I tell her he was a no show. She says OK and in the court room we go. The judge comes in and court is in session. Intake Boy’s name gets called, he comes forward, and the judge asks the PO how he has been doing.

“Mr. Intake Boy missed an appointment this morning with Ms. Auntie. I am asking that he be held.”

“Very well then. Bailiff, take Intake Boy into custody.”

Holy shit! That has never happened before! I have never met Intake Boy, we only spoke on the phone. I know that he has been struggling lately and that the PO was hoping I could whip his ass in to shape. She obviously was not playing around with him anymore. Sit down, Son!

I lean over to my client and tell her that if I were her, I wouldn’t miss an appointment with me.

“No shit! I wouldn’t anyway. I like talking with you.”

After a bit she gets called then there is a short recess. I tell her I have to wait to find out what happens with Intake Boy and also Mr. Already Back In Jail and Mr. Still In Jail.

Whew, this is turning into a long story!

We wait and wait but I can’t wait anymore so we go. I head back to my office because I have another intake to do there. As I am rushing up the stairs I hear my name being yelled out by the cookie lady. I lean over and look at her with a puzzled look because none of my clients are on methadone so I am not sure why she wants to talk to me. As she approaches me I observe that she has her hands behind her back.

“I saved this for you.” She says as she hands me a cookie wrapped in a napkin. ” Don’t tell your co-worker, I didn’t save him one.”

Is that not the sweetest thing ever! I thanked her for thinking of me and told her she is VERY kind. Then I raided the kitchen for some milk!

I won’t bore you with the rest of my day but I will tell you that there is another movie being filmed in the area. This man stars in it;

I will watch both of these movies because they are filmed locally and I dig that.

Photo credit; Bruce, handcuffs, Leo




3 responses

18 06 2008

What movies? I promise to watch the WIllis one but I can’t promise about the Leo one. I just don’t like him much.

Yay for cookies!

18 06 2008

I TOTALLY love your stories!

I started to laugh when I saw the Bruce picture – I thought you were kidding and THAT would have been some kind of funny because McLane knows how to tear up a fucking city block.

Intake Boy got a good lesson today; here’s hoping it sticks!

18 06 2008

Kizz! I don’t know what the movies are called! I just know they are messing up traffic!

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