Ten Things Tuesday

17 06 2008

 Again, ten random things;

1. I have a headache. I have had it all day. Usually they pass with no intervention on my part. Not today. I just took an Advil.

2. I am seriously considering getting an iphone. The new one comes out in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t take video though and it is actually a feature I use often. My friends do some funny shit and I enjoy blackmailing them with it. 

3. Work has been so busy. We are supposed to do 3 intakes a month. By 5 pm tomorrow I will have 4 in 24 hours.

4. Saturday the room-mate informed me that a friend was coming over on Friday and that we are going to her house on Sunday. I said “OK” and off I went for the day. Then I realized that I should just marry her because now she is making plans for me. I already bring her coffee in the morning and have been taking care of all things domestic for the past 7 months because she has been working two jobs. I might as well tie the knot with her. She said she would marry me already but it is only because I have good dental insurance and she has none.

5. Having said that, MST want’s to marry me for my insurance too. She said she would have my babies so that sweetens the deal. There are flaws to this plan though. First of all, she is now dating my friend Rock Star. Also, she would make me drink soy milk and eat more vegetables. Yuck!

6. Speaking of vegetables I don’t eat enough of, today I started drinking a V8 a day again. I used to do this for years but I stopped. I don’t know why. Anyway, I remembered to grab it from the fridge, got in the car and off to work I went. I very carefully opened it so as not to spray it on my freshly pressed shirt and pants. As I bring the thing to my lips, I hit a bump and spill it on my shirt. Great! I stopped at the store on the way and got some of that travel stain remover stuff. It worked very well.

7. According to my stats, I had 134 hits to my blog yesterday and 423 today. That can’t be right. How is this possible? I have like 6 or 7 regular readers that I know of.

8. Bean is in her schools talent show this week. I can’t wait to hear her sweet little voice recite The Raven! 

9. I think Punkin should be allowed to see her sisters show if she wants to. I called Chili last night to ask her about it. They were not home so I left a message. If she bothered to call me back  Oops, I mean she must be really busy! Chili, ask Pumpkin if she wants to go. If so, I’ll pick her up from school and bring her back after. 

10. The Celtics are going for the NBA championship tonight. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE people! If they win, do not destroy the city! Don’t burn cars. Don’t throw rocks through windows. Don’t destroy anything! Be happy for sure but there is no need to act like morons. Hug each other or something!




5 responses

17 06 2008

Ewe, V8 gives me the shivers. It’s a texture food for me.

Go Celts!

17 06 2008
Laurie B

V8 counts when you are trying to get the food group numbers to work on your side. The BEW carries a “pet” banana back and forth from home to work. It might get mileage but it does not count in the food group calculations.

Hits vs regulars, hey, you are a hot date albeit an anonymous one. Guess a lot of folks are reading but they are camera shy.

Getting married for the insurance ir for the coffee? think about it. I now work for the BEW and it is good (at least for me and I think she agrees). The choice was to hire me or marry me and we each are much happier this way. I’m all for universal health care.

Here’s hoping for the Celtics. I’m old enough that I watched Hevelchek and Cousy play. I do remember seeing the rookie seasons for Bird and McHale.

I’m also old enough to know that yo, Auntie, are going to end up alright..wherever that is. You are among the young ones that my generation listened to Holly sing about.

This isn’t about the toaster oven, it’s about the values of being who you are, no matter what the cost. Happy to know you are there. Ferron wrote some good words, “you the next ones”..and all of that.

Hang in there Sister, you’ve got a good long life ahead of you.

18 06 2008

I LOVE the way you drink V8. Seriously, Everyone – you should see her. She scrunches up her face, holds her breath and chugs the stuff. She HATES it, and it’s funny as hell to watch her choke it down.

You’re all set to pick up Punkin’ Pie at 8:30 tomorrow. I’ll meet you at the elementary school and save you some seats.


18 06 2008

If you don’t like soy milk, I would never make you drink it! You like regular milk, I know…although soy milk IS quite good for you 😉 But yeah…the green leafys, etc are important to me 🙂 oh…and I’d get you in the habit of bringing your lunch, too…I might even make it for you. Ask Rock Star 🙂
Video The Raven, please…I would LOVE to see it! (Of course, only if the Chili’s agree)

18 06 2008
Mrs. G.

To me, it’s these sweet gestures that make life worth living-the little kindnesses. I have never been to a methadone clinic in the morning. I need to get out more.

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