F-F Friday

13 06 2008

 This is not a flower;

 It’s a Nettle. No, it’s a FUCKING Nettle. You see, this fucker grew in the yard. I already pulled one out but the room-mate mowed last week and cut the fucking thing down to the ground. Guess what! I fucking stepped on it with bare feet and I have been limping around since Sunday. The nurse at work would not pull the thorn out. Some bullshit about how it needed to be done in a sterile environment with sterile tools. When I protested she gave me more bullshit about a staph  infection and said; “Don’t fucking touch it! Get some Epsom salt and soak it in hot water!” Um, yeah. That didn’t work out so well so today I squeezed the fucker and pulled it out with tweezers. 

 Happy Fucking floral Friday!

 Oh, and since I said fuck so much, here is a picture my friend took in Colorado this past winter;




One response

17 06 2008
Organic Mama

YOWTCH. That plant’s a bitch and I hate it. Dr. Husband likes it because it’s all medicinal and shit, but it’s still a bitch.

What? Ya got no shoes???

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