Ten Things Tuesday

11 06 2008

 Ten Things Tuesday is late this week. It has been wicked hot in these parts( the above picture that was taken around 1:30 pm) the last four days so I decided to post 10 sure fire ways to beat the heat. First though, I wanted to make sure I had the steps down so Tuesday was spent doing research. I think I got it but I feel as though I will need the entire summer to perfect it. Here goes;

1. After your morning shower, slather yourself in sunblock while still naked.

2. Go to work early so you can leave early. Or don’t go to work at all.

3. If you go to work, come home and strip out of your nasty sweaty work things and re-apply sunblock all over your sweaty naked body. Make sure you get all your parts!

4. Put on your bathing suit, hat, and sunglasses.

5. Gather all your things. Sunblock (noticing a theme?), cold drink, and a snack. Head on down to the pool.

6. Throw your float of choice into the pool.


7. Jump into water and swim around for a few.

8. Get on to above float and enjoy the way the very hot breeze feels on your wet skin for like 60 seconds. After that, you will begin to sweat again. 

9. Roll off your float when you cannot stand the scorching heat anymore. Repeat steps 8 and 9 as needed.

10. Remove yourself from the pool, drink plenty of fluids and re-apply sunblock. By the time you are done with this you will be a sweaty mess again. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for awhile as well as step 10 as needed.

 Have fun!



Photo credit; Sunblock, float




5 responses

11 06 2008

When can we come over? : )

11 06 2008

I always apply to the exposed areas after I get dressed. Sunblock is so expensive! I can see a lot of advantages to your way, though, not the least of which is not so many sunblock stains on my clothes.

11 06 2008

Sunblock first is definitely the way to go! And I’ll certainly need to practice these steps a lot as well…

11 06 2008
Mrs. G.

Please send me some wicked heat asap.

14 06 2008

Sounds about like the golf choose-up at River Run, Auntie.

Dr. B

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