Boston Zero..

7 06 2008

Seattle 8.

Although my beloved Red Sox got their asses handed to them by a terrible team, I still had a great time at the game. I only took a few pictures. My camera isn’t that great so it’s hard to get a good shot from far away.

This one sums it up;

Bases loaded and the Sox failed to get a run in. I love that! The next two are for all you Mike fans.

That’s all you’re getting from my trip to the Pahk. I’d rather just put it behind me. I did have a fantastic time with my friend, though. More on that later.



3 responses

7 06 2008

I’m SO sorry they lost – and so spectacularly, too. That sucks. I’m glad you had a good time anyway, though.

I love you!

7 06 2008

It’s good when they win but the most important part is the love of the game. You love the game and you got to go and be there with a good friend. Try to dwell on that part.

8 06 2008
Mrs. G.

I can’t believe our sucky team beat yours.

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