6 06 2008

 This man

owes this man


 Manny apparently slapped Youk in the face while they were in the dugout. No word as to what prompted Manny to act like a baby. This after Coco got hit by a pitch and charged the mound. A fight, obviously, broke out. This is what I hate about baseball. Grow up and play ball.

 I am going to  tonight’s game. I really hope they can act like grownups. 


Photo credit; Flowers, Manny and Youk




2 responses

6 06 2008

God it’s like Greenwell and…um…whatsisname all over again! If you’re going to slap someone make sure it’s the other team.

Have fun at the game!

6 06 2008

What WAS that about, anyway? We saw the Coco incident – Mr. Chili suspects that the pitcher had something rude to say because it looked as though Coco was just going to take his base and leave it at that. I’m with you, though – grow the fuck up.

Have a GREAT time! Text us – we’ll be having fancy-schmancy dinner tonight courtesy of TCC.

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