I Just Can’t Resist

3 06 2008

I have been researching all your recommendations for lip care. MST suggested, among many others( I think she has a problem.), Alba. My google search gave me this picture;

 Umm, what was I looking for? I forgot.


Photo Credit; Jessica Alba




6 responses

3 06 2008

Yes…I think Jessica Alba would be very good for your lips.

3 06 2008

Oh, now I was going to say that you’re going to need lip balm even MORE after all the drooling over J-Alb.

3 06 2008

You know what? Until today I didn’t even know what she looked like. I swear I didn’t! Perhaps I should watch more tv!

And I think you are both right!

4 06 2008

Yes, I recommend you try applying Jessica Alba to your lips. She may not have moisturizing or SPF abilities but would you really care at that point?!

4 06 2008

I’m with Jules – would you CARE about SPF if you had Jessica Alba on your lips? I think not….

6 06 2008

My goodness mswhodoes. You are a right pretty girl.

Dr. B

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