What’s On Your Lips?

2 06 2008

 I am looking for a lip balm that has SPF and does not contain petroleum. Petroleum seems to make my lips break out. I asked Kizz for help. She seems to know her  SPF shit. I told her I used Burt’s Bee’s lifeguard stuff but it made my lips white. I look silly with white lips. This is what she says to me;

“I’d suggest regular chapstick but that’s probably petroleum based. I know this is SO not what you usually do but Burt’s does make lip balms with a little (totally harmless!) color in them so maybe you could try one of those.”

 My response to Kizz was” I’ll check out the Burt’s Bees. My friends won’t know what the hell to do with me if I start wearing something with color!”

 I went to Target today and this is what I found. Does this look like a “little” color to you?


 For shits and giggles I decided to call the SLMs and ask them what they thought. #1 answered the phone.

” What would you say if the next time you saw me I had lip gloss on?”

After she stopped laughing hysterically but while still laughing she said “Oh my God!”

 “Don’t worry I am not going to do it. Put your wife on the phone.” I asked #2 the same question. At first she laughed too but then stopped and said; ” I would tell you to wash that fucking shit off your lips!”

 In the next email Kizz said;” It’s good to keep your friends on their toes.”

 I think my friends would either punch me square in the nose or have me sectioned for a psych evaluation if I put that stuff on my lips! So there you have it! No shimmering lips for me! Thanks for trying though Kizz, I do appreciate it. Let me know if you come up with anything else!

 How do you protect your lips from the sun?

Photo credit; Burt’s




8 responses

2 06 2008

First, shut it.

Second, yeah you’re right, it looks like a lot of color when you look at the tubes but there are a couple of them that, when you put it on your actual lips it doesn’t come across as anything. It’s not a perfect solution but it’ll keep you smackers from scorching off while you find the perfect solution.

2 06 2008

Is “petroleum” the same as “petrolatum”? I use “softlips” in the vanilla flavor – look here for the ingredients:


Burt’s DOES make a lip balm that’s SPF but colorless. As a matter of fact, I think I have a tube here – wanna try it?

2 06 2008
Mrs. G.

Nanak’s Lip Smoothee- I buys it at Whole Foods. I keep it in my pocket at all times. I’m partial to the coconut-no petro.

2 06 2008
Laurie B

I thought that I was the only other person on earth that used “shits and giggles” as a point of fact. Yippee, somebody else understands what that means.

The BEW likes Carmex, that’s like kissing a old candklewax.
Blistex, ok. Burt’s Bees lifeguard stuff, makes for white lips..too much like make up..yuck. Lip gloss? WTF? never..ever.

Kizz, have never met you. I’m sure that you are fine with lip gloss and capri pants. Some of us are just so not there.

3 06 2008

Actually, I do wear “short” pants. I refuse to call them the c word.

SLM2 just called and said that SLM1 was now on the hunt for a good lip balm for me so I am not forced to wear color.

Kizz, next time you are up, save a few hours to hang with me and the peeps. You will understand then!

3 06 2008

You’re hilarious.

I know you already have someone on the case but I thought I’d throw in my own recommendation anyway. I hate the name but Kiss My Face has some great organic lip balms with SPF and no petroleum. They never test on animals and donate a fair amount to charitable organizations. The Body Shop also has some good petroleum-free SPF lip balms in case you feel the need to pay $8 for it.

3 06 2008

OK…I admit…I am a bit of a lib balm freak. I have it everywhere. In every bag (and you know I have many), in my car, in every room in the house. In fact, as I sit on my sofa typing, there is a tube on my lap desk should I feel the sudden need to lube up as I type. (I just did). Anyway, I have some with and without petroleum, but I prefer without. It just feels better to me. The ones that I would suggest to you…
1. Burt’s Bees…either the “Medicated’ (has a red top), the “Honey” (has a yellow top), or the ‘Replenishing Pomogranite’ (has a maroon top). None of these have color, and you can find them at CVS, Target, etc.
2. Like Jules said…Kiss My Face makes some really good ones. I haven’t found those anywhere but Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.
3. Alba makes all-natural lip balms in yummy (non-color) flavors…CVS and Target carry this line now.
4. There’s one called “UnPetroleum” that’s really good, too, but also only at Whole Foods.
5. My final recommendation…Aveeno, but I can’t remember if it has petroleum or not, and I can’t find it in my collection. LOL. It’s also at CVS, Target, etc.

OK….you have lots to choose from!!! Your lips will be so smooth and luscious, you’ll be fighting the women off!!

3 06 2008

Thanks all for the recommendations! Hopefully one of them will work for me!

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