Ten Things Tuesday

27 05 2008

 Ten things I love about summer;

1. I absolutely love the way a warm breeze feels on my skin.

2. Shadows from the trees. For some reason I really dig the way a shadow made from a tree full of leaves looks. It is also nice to sit in the cool shadow on a hot day.

3. Swimming. Pool, lake, or ocean. It doesn’t really matter.

4. BBQ’s. I love food on the grill.

5. Growing stuff. The older I get, the more I enjoy growing flowers and veggie’s. 

6. Sleeping with the windows open. I especially like this when there is a cool breeze blowing in.

7. Kayaking. I love being out in the middle of the lake in my kayak, especially when it’s quiet out there.

8. Provincetown sunsets.


9. Jumping off the bridge in Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s higher than it looks.

10. Ice Cream. Duh! This place is great!


Photo Credit; Tree, kayak, Hodgies




7 responses

27 05 2008

The holiday threw me – thanks for reminding me that it’s TUESDAY!!

I LOVE that shot of you jumping off the bridge. Eeeek. I BET it’s higher than it looks. I doubt you could get me to do it.

I love you! Wanna go for Golicks after Punkin’s concert on Thursday?

27 05 2008

I know the saying is there is no stupid questions but that is a stupid question! Of course I want to go to Golicks! I love you too!

27 05 2008
Organic Mama

Great theme for today! I have already committed to being all teacherly but I think I may steal this idea and put the other idea off, so thanks in advance.
Yes, that shot of you hurtling off that bridge is fab – eek-worthy, too ’cause I am SUCH a wimp.
Your shot of the tree shadow is wonderful – may I steal a copy? One of my favorite class of things on this planet is trees and I had never considered how beautiful the shadows can be. Lovely!

27 05 2008

Take the picture O’ Mama! It’s not mine…

27 05 2008
Darren Daz Cox

🙂 and those animals that you only see in summer!

nice post!

27 05 2008
Auntie Teacher

I loved having the bbq food for lunch today! And I will have the rest of it tomorrow…yay for me! Hooray for you!

27 05 2008

Darren, I love the animals too! So far I have seen several bunnies, including babies ( one didn’t make it. Sad), one opossum, a huge buck, a skunk, and a raccoon. Not to mention the millions of birds that start singing at 4 am. Here is the problem; the critters are digging up the lawn going for the grubs and eating the grass seed I just put down. At least the bunnies are eating the weeds..
Auntie Teacher, I had leftovers for dinner tonight and will tomorrow too. Glad you’re enjoying it!

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