Ten Things Tuesday

20 05 2008

 Before I get to TTT, I need to say that last night Jon Lester threw a no-hitter for the Sox! This is the second no-hitter in as many season for the Sox, the fourth no-hitter caught by Jason Varitek, and the first lefty to do it since 1956. What makes this even more cool is that he is a cancer survivor. It was so cool to watch after the game, especially the interaction between him and Tito. Go here if you want to read more. The thing that sucked about it was that I REALLY wanted to call Mr. Chili. I didn’t for two reasons; 1. It was late and I wasn’t sure if he would be awake, and 2. Because he sometimes Tivo’s the game and can be a few minutes behind. I didn’t want to ruin it for him.

 Ok, today we have a quiz! This was pulled from Shrink Today (Psychology Today). I will post the answers tomorrow. Good luck! No looking up answers either! 

True or False..

1. 10 to 12 percent of men are gay? 

2. Gay men have longer, thicker penises than straight men, on average? 

3. As children, most gay men display gender-bending behavior, like dressing up in their sisters’ clothes or playing with dolls? 

4. In general, gay men are worse than straight men at certain cognitive skills, like reading maps, spatial orientation, finding missing objects, and packing trunks? 

5. Lesbians are better than straight women at certain spatial navigational, and language tasks? 

6. Men with the most masculine voices tend to be straight? 

7. Gay men often have distant fathers, suggesting that levels of childhood affection have an effect on sexual orientation? 

8. The more older brothers you have, the more likely you are to be gay? 

9. Sexual orientation correlates with whether you are right or left-handed? 

10. The ratio of the lengths of the second to fourth finger predicts sexual orientation? 


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5 responses

20 05 2008

Okay, this is me, limb-walking


How’d I do?

20 05 2008

Chili, you got 4 correct.

20 05 2008

I’d go with mrschili on one and eight, those would be true. The rest of them would be false, or so general to be proved in any way. For every study, there is another study with different results. That leaves us free to pick the ones we like and ignore the rest. Lots of options!

I can understand how you’re feeling about Jon Lester’s no hitter. Those games are exciting to watch. The pitcher for LU softball team had the lowest ERA in the country going into the playoffs and threw six no-hitters this season. Each one was a good reason for whooping and shouting!

20 05 2008

At first I was going to say that #1 is true then I read the rest and I think they’re all false except maybe #10 but you said that Chili got only 4 right so my theory that they’re all false can’t be right. No idea. ‘Cause the more I thought about #1 the more I thought that percentage seemed low. #4 is bullshit, though, I’ll say that.

20 05 2008
Laurie B

Sorry, the anonymous is me, I just clicked too quickly.`

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