Joe Shmoe

20 05 2008

 So, I just got done reading Chili’s teacher blog. This post in particular. What I am writing about tonight is “Joe’s” comment. Here it is;

“Was it really neccessary to use the term “white” in your last comment. Maybe you are as guilty as the rest of us at subtle racism. Is your troubling student black by any chance?”

 Now, you need to understand that this rant I am about to go on has nothing to do with the fact that Chili is my sister. Really, it isn’t. It is true that I am always quick to defend her honor. She is my sister after all. It is also true that I am the first to tell her when she is being A FUCKING MORON! She is, after all, my sister. Sisters do that. They defend each other and they let each other know when they are being stupid. 

 Back to Joe and people who say dumb things in general. First of all Joe, have you bothered to read my sisters blog at all or are you just commenting on that one post? Either you showed your ignorance by judging her on one post or if you did read more, than YOU JUST DON’T GET IT! Joe, did you know that Chili runs the GSA? Did you bother to read that she made a big deal out of black history month? Read between the lines Joe, MLK is pretty much her hero. Ugh! Joe, really? Really? Go back and read pal, then leave a comment. Chili likes everyone and doesn’t have a raciest bone in her body. Again, though, this isn’t about Chili, it’s about all the Joe’s in the world.

 It always makes me laugh, mostly out of disgust, when people start spouting off about people or things they just don’t know about. Do they not see that they are showing the world just how ignorant they are? How small minded they are! All I can do is shake my head.

 Here is the thing; aside from my close friends and Chili who read my blog, the rest of you have no real idea who I am and what I am about. You only know what I tell you. You know I am in social service (and love my job) and you know I love the Red Sox. You know I am a queer kid and that sometimes I get hives on my ass. You are absolutely free to come to what ever conclusions you would like about me based on the information I give you. You might think that because I work with addicts, then I must be in recovery myself. You might think that because I love baseball, then I must be a dumb jock. Maybe I hate men because I am queer? Or maybe, from reading my blog, you have come to the conclusion that I am very respectful of women. This is true of me.

 It actually came up in a conversation with a friend today. A man looked at her like he wanted to fuck her and it totally irked me. I was all fired up about it. Totally disrespectful. It is one thing to look at a woman and find her attractive. It is another thing to look at her in such a way that other people can pick up on the fact that you are only thinking about getting in her pants. I respect women people! I have a point to this story.. What you don’t know about me is that I can be a total pig and turn just about anything into something sexual. What? You never would have guessed that about me? Well, that is because I understand when it is appropriate to say things like that and when it is not. I choose not to put those kinds of things in my blog because you all don’t know me well enough to get it. My friends do. I can say shit like that around them. I know what I can and can’t say to people. I understand that sometimes it is just plain inappropriate to make my disgusting comments. I pay attention to the things people say and comment accordingly so as not to offend anyone. In short, I try to know my audience.

 If you want to judge me based on the little information I give you, well, that’s your choice. But I have to ask. Really? Honestly though, from the comments I get from the people I have never met, you all seem to be non-ignorant people. I did get some comment from some yahoo asking something about my boobs. I did not respond to him, he is clearly ignorant and disrespectful.

What I am trying to say here is if you want to leave a baseless and ignorant comment on someone’s blog, or say it to their face even, just know that people are watching. They can see your how your mind works. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to try to understand the writer(or speaker) before you go spouting off though.

 And now that I have vented, I would like to further add a reminder to you all. All behavior has meaning. (See how I am pulling myself back in here?) The Joe’s of the world have some stuff going on. Joe’s; if you want to talk about it, I’m here for you.




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21 05 2008
Mrs. G.

How did I not know you and Chili were sisters?

Oh the Joes of the world do make me weary.

21 05 2008

I don’t know Mrs. G. I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before..

21 05 2008

I have soooo many sarcastic comments on my brain right now, but alas, they would not be appropriate for an audience that doesn’t know me.

What I will say is that unfortunately, there are far too many people who judge prior to investigation, don’t read anything past the front page of the paper, if that, watch only the first 10 minutes of the news for the weather and traffic (and maybe the sports) and get their information from partisan sources, without making decisions for themselves. It’s a big problem with our political process, and a big reason we’re in an un-winnable war, we’re paying close to $4/gallon for gas, we have to take out a second (or 3rd) mortgage to get decent health care….the list goes on. This is true of both conservatives and liberals, men and women, hets and homos…and sometimes you and me. The difference, though, is that you are open-minded, as I’m sure Mrs. Chili is as well (and I like to believe I am, of course…hehe), and are willing to listen to someone with a different opinion. In other words, you are not just respectful of women, you respect people in general, and understand that it’s through love and tolerance that things change for the better, which takes courage. It’s also the message of MLK, and the title to one of his books that had a huge impact on me called “Strength to Love.” If that just made you cringe and spout some vitriolic comment…read the book.

21 05 2008

If only I could think of some examples of people that public profess a hatred for some behavior that resides in their own heart. wait wait I can, Rev. Faldwel, Gov. Spitzer, Senator Craig……. You know better that I what resides in your sisters heart, but please dont expect me to believe it just because she belongs to some “organization”.

22 05 2008

MST, very well said!

Joe, thank you for proving my point!

22 05 2008
Laurie B


In my family we tend to think out loud, and that’s not always a good thing. My sister frequently ends up saying “Oh, did I just say that out loud?” We aren’t even close to senile yet, that will be scary. Depending on how well anybody might know either of us, anything that might have been said ( and probably was) comes from the heart, leaving the brains right out of it. We both have a minor in sarcasm. We try to tamper it down when we’re near innocent bystanders though.

Joe did have a good question though, and a few good examples. Thanks Auntie for calling the question and starting a discussion.

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