Real Hot People

17 05 2008

Kizz, someone thinks your hot. Well, someone besides me that is. You see, this morning I decided to check out my blog stats. I don’t often do that. So, I check out the search engine terms people use to find me and wouldn’t ya know, “Kizz is hot” is one of the ways someone got to my blog. 

 My first though was that the person must have been disappointed because I have no pictures of Kizz on my blog. I’m going to fix that now. I went right on over to her site and stole a couple of pictures!

 I think this is a great picture. If I saw her standing in a bar like this I would be hard pressed not to stare. Unfortunately staring is all I would do because as hot as she is standing like that, it would also intimidate the hell out of me and I would not be able to get the nerve to go talk to her.

 I may be able to approach her here. Her smile is warm and inviting. I’m not all that great at approaching women so I can’t really say for sure though.

 Kizz, perhaps you can take your picture in a little black dress? I would really love it if you did The person searching for you might like to see you in a different color..




6 responses

17 05 2008

Oh! That reminds me, I might not be too fat for my little black cocktail dress now. I’ll have to look into that.

You’re way too kind to do all this for me. I feel compelled to tell you some truth that I’ve learned from a couple of years of checking out stat counters, though. At least half of the people who are searching for “Kizz” are searching for the band “Kiss” but because of the font the band uses it sometimes looks like Kizz. So your searching may still be disappointed when they come and see some pictures of a little white girl in a dress. 🙂

17 05 2008

I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I am so NOT posting pictures of the band. They scare me!

17 05 2008
Organic Mama

I think they scare most rational people…’cause ewww.

I think Kizz looks great in that dress. : )

17 05 2008
Mrs. G.

I love Kizz’s sweet little dress-and her cute face.

17 05 2008
Laurie B

Geez Auntie, Kizz is Kizz in my book. I have never thought about her in THAT way. I’m not much for women in dresses, but Kizz, you look really good in the dress. I’m not searching, just saying, it’s a style that works for you.

When and if we ever get to meet, it’s a dungarees and tee shirt thing, OK?

Auntie, you just go on and ask for the little black dress photos. Good girls go to church, bad girls go everywhere. Love your style.

18 05 2008

Thanks you guys! I’m serious about the band, it’s weird.

Laurie, I’m actually looking for a good pair of jeans. None of mine fit quite right. Comfy, sure, but not terribly flattering. For ages I’ve been buying jeans at the evil W empire but it might be time to branch out into something else.

Mrs. G, I love your cute face too.

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