Ten Things Tuesday

13 05 2008

Ten more random things;

1. I am officially done with my first semester of college! My computer final was soooo hard! Not! I feel like I did pretty well on my Psychology final too. 

2. I wanted to cut the grass this weekend. The roommate lent out the gas can so no gas. No gas equals tall grass. Hopefully the can will be returned soon.

3. I had to take the gas tank off the mower and clean it and its respective parts. There was a random red piece of plastic in there as well as some sand. God only knows how that shit got in there.

4. Did you know that using a gas powered mower for one hour emits the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 100 miles? Wow.

5. We have moles which means we have grubs. Auntie Teacher recommended a product to use to get rid of the grubs. I really hate putting chemicals on the lawn however I am so not interested in breaking my ankle on a grub hole. Chemicals it is.

6. I am done talking about the lawn now.

7. The men are coming to open the pool on Wednesday! We lugged out all the stuff last night and I am going to try and remove all of the leaves off the cover after work today.

8. Work is going very well. Many of my clients continue to do great work! Stayin clean isn’t easy. They are recognizing patterns in their life, breaking those bad patterns, and making some really great choices. I really admire their strength and determination. 

9. Remember the shady gas station I told you about? The one who switched the grades of gas around? Well, they switched them back. No, I didn’t go there. I can see the pumps from the street. Somebody must have complained.. I’m still not buying my gas from there.

10. The veggies I planted are growing pretty well. I was going to transplant them into containers and leave them on the deck. I was going to do this because Ma, the roommates mom, is a stickler about using water because it’s town water that she has to pay for. We were talking about my veggies on Sunday and she said she wanted cucumbers. I told her I wasn’t sure I would have enough room for them and she suggested I plant my stuff on the side of the house.

 ” Ma, if I do that they will need more water. I don’t want you to yell at me for using to much water!”

 ” I’m going to yell at you anyway. I want cucumbers and more tomatoes! Just do it!”

Well, there you have it! If she wants more stuff, she will get it. I’ll just try to water when she is not around.

 Happy Tuesday!



7 responses

13 05 2008

CONGRATS on the college! I’m so proud of you!

Ya know, moving your stuff outside means that, every once in a while, GOD waters them….

13 05 2008

-congrats on finishing the semester! i know you were nervous to start, but the first one is over with, and you’re moving on…it’s a great feeling, isn’t it?
-i have an electric mower…i love it! of course, i got it from the woman my ex left me for, but, hey, it’s a great mower.
-YAY! the pool!!!
-YAY!!! fresh veggies! my grandfather had a nice garden (and a pool, too), and i miss that. (oh…so, yes, i’ll be taking the occasional tomato and cuke myself…hehe)

13 05 2008
Mrs. G.

One semester down. Congrats, woman!

13 05 2008

Thanks all! It does feel good to have the first semester behind me!

Chili- God does help with that. I am also going to buy a rain barrel.

MST- I am sure I will be begging you to take veggies home every time you come to visit!

13 05 2008
Organic Mama

Hey, congrats on your college success!! A student who works hard and does well. Sigh.

Cucumbers love to climb, so why not get or make a trellis for them to climb? Lots of sun and the occasional watering will produce phenomenal cukes and if you’re interested, I have a great and easy, vinegar-free pickling recipe.

13 05 2008
Laurie B

Yeah WDSTSIA! You have nailed down a semester and it just didn’t seem that bad. You are a thinker and sooner or later you will not breeze through a class but you are a smart cookie. You’ll do fine and will rise to a challenge I’m sure.

Good on ya’

18 05 2008
Jenn @ Juggling Life

I’m down with my 3rd from last semester–Woo Hoo! Loved your comment on Mrs. G’s Sixpack post so I thought I’d come over and say “Hi.”

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