FF Friday

9 05 2008


I missed FF Friday last week so here are two more from my trip to Catilina. 

 This guy below is pretty but also a real prick.



 I was actually pretty proud of these pictures and the last FF Friday one. It was literally my first day with the new camera. I liked them so much that I have them on the wall. 




3 responses

9 05 2008

They ARE beautiful. I’m going to have to practice with my camera some more; I’m largely disappointed with the pictures I take…

9 05 2008
Laurie B

Where is Catilina? Is that California? Did your work pay for you to go there? That’s always fun. Good photos, hope you had a good time. I need more time practicing with my camera too. It’s all digital, we can practice all we want and just go and delete what we don’t like. It’s magic!

11 05 2008

Yes, Laurie B, Catilina is in California. It is an amazing place to visit! No, work did not pay for me to go. So sad.

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