Ten Things Tuesday

6 05 2008

Ten songs and/or musicians I am embarrassed to admit that I like;

1. This guy is a nut job but this song is fantastic.

2. Another nut job, but a kick ass song. This video was made by a kid at a local high school.

3. This next one is from a guy I hate because it brings up childhood memories. I would rather just not go there. This song though, has been a staple at Fenway pahk. It took a while, but now when I hear it I think of the pahk. So good! So good! So good! GO SOX!

4. I’m not too old for this, am I?

5. I am quite sure my parents had no idea what I was listening to..

6. I swear to you that I only like this one because the General Lee is in it! Especially the end when it’s all nice and, um, clean.

7. Does anyone else think this is inappropriate for the Disney channel?

8. We have a big city radio station that claims to play everything. I heard this one the other day and it totally sucked me in. I really don’t like country music..

9. This is a dumb song. Who sings about shoes? I like it though.

10. The last one is just too dirty to post a video. Really, it’s that bad. Now, those of you who know me know that I am a nice girl and I TOTALLY respect woman. You also know that I think sex is a sacred and special thing between two people. Having said that, I cannot explain why I like this song. It is Nine Inch Nails, Closer. You can find the video on You Tube if you want. Please just don’t think less of me.




4 responses

6 05 2008

Okay – YOU? Are a riot.

Videos #9 and 6 were “no longer available.” Can you give us song and/or artist names so we can look ’em up?

6 05 2008

Hmm, it just worked for me… #6 is Jessica Simpson, These Boots Are Made For Walkin. #9 is Nelly, Air Force Ones.

6 05 2008

They didn’t work for me, either…weird.
Man In The Mirror is one of the absolute best songs ever!!!! I don’t have to like the man to like his music.
Devil Went Down To Georgia was my favorite song in 6th grade (no old lady jokes, please)…I still know all the words.
If you’re too old for Flo-Rida, then I’m a cradle robber for sure…didn’t we dance to that at Tea?
Now That We Found Love…GREAT early 90’s flashback…I believe you and I danced to it at my Birthday bash.
Even though the video didn’t work for me, Jessica Simpson is hot in that video…but I like the Nancy Sinatra version.
And Sweet Caroline…8th inning, baby! ‘Nuff said.
Otherwise, my silly country pick to replace Big & Rich…Friends In Low Places. Don’t know the Nelly song, though…
And I am sooooo with you on Closer by NIN…totally degrading and disrespectful…but awesome song!!
Thanks for the insight into your musical world.

6 05 2008

Both of those videos still work for me. Weird. I think your right MST, we did dance to both of those songs.

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