A New Low

5 05 2008

Recently a local gas station has been in the news. They were advertising gas at x amount of dollars but that was only for cash customers. Apparently it was difficult to figure out that if you used your card, you were paying more. Not nice. Well, they got busted and I think they may have to pay a fine. They also need to make sure the cash and credit prices are clearly displayed.

 Last week I went to the gas station up the street that I go to often. On the pump, the grades have ALWAYS been regular, mid, and premium in that order. Last week it was premium, mid, and regular. They switched it around! Good thing I was paying attention! How many people do you think weren’t though and ended up paying 20 cents more a gallon than they thought they were?

 Sure, you SHOULD pay attention, but on the other hand, the gas stations shouldn’t try to trick you like that! Aren’t the gas prices bad enough? Now they need to resort to somehow tricking us into paying more when some people can barely afford the regular price? I know, I know! Trickery has been going on for a long time. They end up sticking it to the consumer who is not well educated in consumerism or the people who don’t pay attention. It’s just that I think it’s pretty low to switch the gas prices like that. Bastids!

 They just lost my business.


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2 responses

5 05 2008

All those tactics are unethical, and to pass them off by blaming the consumer for not paying attention just makes it worse. I can tell you for sure that I’M double-checking EVERYTHING at the pumps now.

5 05 2008

Good for you! People who do shit like that suck.

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