Not Again! Part 2

30 04 2008

 Remember the drill bit that was in my tire back in January? Well, last week I noticed a slow leak and I have had to add air three times since then. Today, I went to the tire place again. The dude looked at me funny, I smiled at him. ” I think I have something in my tire again.” I said. He tilted his head a bit and had a puzzled look on his face. “I was in a few months ago, you guys pulled a drill bit out of my tire.” I added. “Oh yeah! I remember you now! It was an entire drill bit! That was something! Whatcha got this time?” He said. 

 I told him I didn’t even bother to look because, you know, this shit is getting old. But while your at it, why don’t you rotate them for me.

 Behold! A sheet metal screw! Now I have a fresh plug and they are rotated.




4 responses

30 04 2008

SHEESH! Do you buy the road hazard insurance? Ya might wanna consider it, there, Sweetie.

30 04 2008
Laurie B

I think you are parking in construction zones. Hope you have the A*A thing. Tell them to bring air because the spare tire is always flat too. They don’t bring compressed air if you don’t ask for some. This, I know to be true!

30 04 2008

Chili, I don’t have the road hazard insurance but they do fix them for free. And the rotation is free too.
Laurie B, I try to remember to check my spare for air. Why bother lugging it around if it’s flat!

30 04 2008

Yeah, I was going to ask where the hell you keep parking.

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