Ten Things Tuesday

29 04 2008

Some more random things;

1. I needed a new propane tank for my grill but put off buying one. Wouldn’t ya know, someone I know decided that grilling isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and gave their tank to me! Saved me 40 bucks!

2. I have been reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. I am totally digging it and am realizing that I have a bit of an ego problem. Not ego in the sense that I think I am great (I know I am!), but in who I think I am and what I do to make that true. Anybody reading the book? Let’s talk about it! My boss has been a great help in the past week at helping me apply what I have learned!

3. Some of my clients have been doing some super great things in the last couple of weeks. My job is to show them the tools and teach them to use them. Their job is to do all the work. They have been and it sure is good to see.

4. I have completed most of my stuff for the super expensive college I want to go to. All I have left is the essay. No problem, I’ll have it done by the end of the day.

5. Speaking of college stuff, I finished my paper and turned it in. I sent it off to Chilli for her to rip apart. Remember, I haven’t been in school since 1991. I really just wanted to make sure it was ok. Surprisingly, she didn’t rip it apart. She said I had a few mechanical errors and she didn’t like the way I worded a couple of things. Incidentally, the wording she didn’t like didn’t sit well with me either and I changed some of it before she had a chance to tell me what she thought. I’m not entirely convinced that she wasn’t just going easy on me because it was my first paper or if it really was that good. I know it was good but I also know Chilli is pretty tough..

6. My stuff is starting to grow. Three tomatoes and three basil. Auntie Teacher asked for peppers. Auntie Teacher has grown stuff for me in the past so I am happy to return the favor! She also got arugula. Yuck! Anyway, they are poking through too!

7. I must confess, I am writing this on Monday. I know I don’t have to write it on Tuesday, but I just wanted to be up front about it. I am currently in my computer class trying not to walk out of this dreadful class learning how to send an email. It’s really not so bad. I did learn how to use tabs. Really, I had no idea how to use tabs.

8. MST, are you really checking in on my blog? While I’m calling you out, you forgot to call me when you got back from Vt… You wanna have lunch sometime this week?

9. The Sox are currently tied for first with the Rays and O’s. Baltimore has a habit of starting the season off strong and then tanking big time. The Rays are a bit of a surprise to me. They just beat us in all three games. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the Sox. The flu has been making it’s rounds and we have a couple of injuries. The good news is Mike should be back soon. I continue to have serious concerns about Big Papi. He was walking through the club house saying “I am not frustrated!” Dude, don’t do that. Please don’t use any negative words at all. Try this; “I am a hitting machine!” He was so eager to get a hit that he slid head first into first. Nobody slides into first. He ended up bruising his knee. I fear that my statement about him coming out of his slump was a bit premature. He will eventually be ok though.

10. Can someone please explain to me why, with all the snow we had this past winter, the fire danger has been so high? We have had several brush fires recently and I just don’t get it.