Run MST, Run!

21 04 2008

My friend MST is running the Boston Marathon today. She is running to raise money for Dana Farber. Dana Farber is close to her heart; she lost her dad to leukemia. It’s not too late to make a donation. If you would like to send some money her way, let me know. If not, send some good thoughts her way, she is running 26 frickin miles!




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21 04 2008

One of my med. assist. students is an EMT, and is going to be absent from class today because his unit is tasked as a first-aid station along the marathon. He’s set up (if I remember correctly) around mile 18. I was giving him crap the other day about the fact that he’s going to be stationed right around where people start barfing (Bruder Chili tells me that, depending on the person, it’s anywhere between mile 12 and mile 20). If he gets barfers, he’s under strict orders to NOT tell me the stories.

Good luck, MST! Better you than me!

21 04 2008

26.2 as a matter of fact. Crazy people. 🙂 Best of luck to her!

21 04 2008
Laurie B

OK, 26.2 miles. This is why we have phones. If there is a problem, just make a call. No reason to fry the runners. Remember, the runner dropped dead. That is NO prize. For anybody. Drop a dime, pick up the phone.

Email me and I’ll make a contribution. $3.00 per mile to MST and a hats off to her. I was working a little South of Boston today but was hoping it was runner’s weather up there.

In any case, I’ll cover her race, 26.2 just knowing that your friend was running with that intent. Hope she made the full 26.2 but log me in for that many miles. MST did a good thing.

email me and let me know the who what’s and where’s. Nasty hot day, hope your friend os OK.

I do not want to hear about the puke station either.

22 04 2008

Thanks Laurie! I’ll let her know you are making a contribution! You are very kind, she will be psyched!

22 04 2008

Jen…you are awesome!!!
And so are the rest of you…I made it to mile 16 before an injury (NOT PUKE) took me out. That was tough…to feel fine (ok, that’s a relative term) internally, but not structurally. I’ll go for it again. But the Dana Farber still gets the money, which is the important thing. Plus, even though the day is over, you can still donate.
Thanks again…it really means a lot to me, my family, and the Dana Farber patients (who all posted sings in the hospital for when we went by. Very inspirational).

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