The Big Man Is Back

19 04 2008

Rangers Red Sox Baseball

 Big Papi has been in a big slump. Last night he was at bat with a bases loaded situation. I thought to myself that in the past, we could count on him to at least drive a couple of those runners in. I was not so sure he was going to be able to do that last night. I immediately thought that the emotional implications of him getting an out would be devastating to his already damaged psyche. I work with emotions people, this is what I think about. No sooner did I think that, he takes the first pitch and deposits it into the Monstah seats! Grand Slam!

 I pick up the phone and call Mr. Chili. We often call each other for the big plays. This one was huge. He picks up the phone and says “Sweeeeeet!” Not “Hello?”, not “Chili residence”, but “Sweeeeet!”.

 I knew he would eventually break out of this slump. He is much to good not to. I love to watch this guy hit but more than that, I love his happy go lucky attitude. He hasen’t been so happy lately. I think now he will be back to his old self. Watching him should be fun again!

Photo credit, which is the actual picture of him hoping, praying,and begging that the ball would go out of the pahk!




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19 04 2008

I wasn’t home to see that, and I’m sorry I missed it. Mr. Chili DID tell me about how he answered the phone, though; we don’t even have caller ID, but he knew it was you on the other end of the line.

It’s true – you can almost see him saying “come on… come ON….!”

19 04 2008


Let’s send a little love out to those Bruins, too, please. They’ve forced a 7th game so they have a chance to advance. If they do they’ll be back and forth to my neck of the woods to play the Rangers who have already advanced and will be way too well rested.

22 04 2008

It was AWESOME in person, too!!! Everyone was pulling for him, and the place ERUPTED!!

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