What Did You Do At Work Today?

17 04 2008

 My day started by driving around in circles trying to find pahking. I was unsuccessful so I drove to the local office (not my office) and asked one of the girls there to give me a ride to the court house. She was happy to help and she told me to call her when I was done. I said I would except my cell phone was in the cah because you can’t bring your phone into the court house..

 I sat in court for two hours only to find out my clients case would be continued. Again. Ugh. I hoofed it about a mile back to the office and tried to order a sandwich from the deli. They were closed for the next 1/2 hour. I then went back to the office and had a chat with one of the outreach guys. We talked baseball. He is from Porto Rico and has a thick accent. I like talking to him. “What da fook hapen to da Red Soox last night!” He said. Funny.

 Anyway, DPH was there and it turns out, when they are there we get free lunch. Your tax dollars at work. Thanks for the BLT.

 After that, I went to see a client in her home town. She lives in a great coastal town that before this year, I had never been to. We had planned to go for a walk the week before and since the weather was nice, we were able to keep our plan. Walking is very therapeutic. I am walking with my clients as much as possible or at least outside with them. It’s a much more comfortable environment for them then in some office.


 This was one of the views we had on our walk today. As we we were walking, she was talking about some of the things the tourists do. I told her I would only take one picture so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed hanging with a tourist.

 We probably walked 3 miles today. Add in my mile from court and that equals a pretty decent workout. And I got paid for it. Another reason why I love my job.





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17 04 2008

I put in an order for $150K to be moved from one place to another. I put appointments on calendars. I made phone calls. I researched the difference between kosher and kosher for passover wines and got recommendations for good ones. I made car reservations and plane reservations on commercial flights and plane reservations on private flights. I sent a video recorder to a school teacher. I wrote a blog post (not work related).

You know, the usual.

18 04 2008

I didn’t GO to work today. My friend in crisis did something dumb last night, so I ended up getting a sub for my yoga class and spending the morning in the ER.

19 04 2008
Laurie B

I didn’t get to go to the ocean but I did get to spend time at a golf course (working not playing). I get to be working outside a couple of days a week for the next couple of months. I love it!

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