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16 04 2008

 I thought of a couple of more things that seem to be exclusive to Massachusetts;

“In like Flynn.”

 This is in reference to former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn. I think, because the way it was used, that it means it’s a sure thing. For example, “Dude, did you get the tickets to the sox game?” “We’re in like Flynn!” I said. Maybe someone who has a few more years on me can confirm if this is the correct usage.. Stop the press!I just googled the phrase and I am WRONG. Go here. Another thing my parents lied about.. So, do you non mass people say it??

 I still say this and people sometimes look at me funny. As luck would have it, a client just called me with a question about excise tax. I had no idea how to answer  her question so I referred her to someone else. For shits and giggles I asked her if she had ever heard or used the expression “In like Flynn”. She had and gave an example; “If you say to your friend that you are going for a job interview and you nervous about it and your friend says ‘Don’t worry about it, you’re in like Flynn!'” I asked her if she knew it’s origins. She had no idea and had no idea who Ray Flynn is. Funny. Stop the press again! I told her the wrong answer. Ugh.

“Good luck too you  and the Red Sox!”

 This was said with almost a religious over tone. Kind of like when some one says “God bless you!” and you didn’t sneeze. We are pretty passionate about our baseball in these parts.  It means that what you are about to do is nearly imposable. Just like the Sox winning the World Series before 2004. I don’t say this as much anymore.

 Do you non New Englanders know what a jug handle is?

 Don’t call it the Mass Pike. It’s just The Pike.

 The things you put on your ice cream are Jimmies, not sprinkles.

Do not say “Pahk the cah in Havhad yahd.” We don’t think that is funny. It’s even less funny if you ask us to say it. Also, it’s a sure way to announce you are from out of town. You will leave us with no choice but to give you the wrong directions.

 Can anyone add too my list?

 Because I know you have come to expect it, here is another picture of your beloved Mike Lowel. This may be from the day he hurt his thumb..

 Sorry it is so small…

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4 responses

16 04 2008

Jug handles are HUGE in NJ. They’re everywhere, you can’t make a left turn you have to go ahead to a jug handle EVERYWHERE.

Poor Mike. Tell him I’ll kiss it and make it better.

THE THUMB! You pervert.

17 04 2008
Laurie B

Jug handles are the thing in NJ. I’ve never found one in labeled that way in MA. The ones in NJ get you onto another road that takes you somewhere you don’t want to go.

I kind of knew about (but did not know the reasons for) “in like Flynn”, but I thought it was about Mayor Flynn,( yet another axxhole mayor of Boston). Who knew the reputation preceded him? I guess them Flynn’s are all alike.

Otherwise, good with JImmies and good with “the Pike”. We have soda, not tonic. Yep, the snow line changes based on the PIke. You have to live here to understand that.

I lived in Watertown for a couple of years and loved sailing on the Charles, best deal in Boston as far as I can tell. Eventually bought a boat and moored the boat in the Back River in Quincy. Gave that up for greater nd better kayak water here in our small part of the world.

Those were great experiences but I would have given it all away for even more time here in Happy Valley with OBE. I grew up out here. My Grandma was born on her Grandpa’s farm a stones throw from here.

I say, pahk the car at Alewife and take the train.

17 04 2008

Pahk the cah at Alewife and take the train! YES! We pahk at a commuter rail station on the Nawth Shore (though sometimes we go all the way to Wondahland), but the idea’s the same. Pahkin’ in Boston sucks.

OH – another one to add to the list – don’t call Boston “Bean Town.” NOBODY from Boston calls it Bean Town, and it’s another way to out yourself as a foreigner.

17 04 2008

HAHAHA Kizz! You got me!

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