Sowing the Seeds With Love

13 04 2008

  I love caprece. It’s best with cherry tomatoes which are my favorite. Over the winter I told the room mate I was going too grow tomatoes and basil. I asked her if we could get a cow so all of my caprece would be super fresh and raised by me. She said we could. I think she was joking though.

I planted some cherry tomatoes and basil yesterday. I put them in the mini greenhouse thing you can buy. They are in the window above the sink. They get a lot of sun there. I got the package of seeds for both so I can do the whole thing myself.

 I want to know a couple of things. First, why are there so many seeds in a package? If I planted that many seeds I would have enough basil and tomatoes for the whole town! Second, how many should you plant? I know from experience that one cherry tomato plant will yield about 50 million tomatoes. A few summers back I planted two. I was so sick of cherry tomatoes by the end of the season. Anyway, I planted four of each. I figured at least one would make it. If they all make it, does anyone want a cherry tomato and or a basil plant?

 Like a dork, I checked in on them today to see if anybody popped up yet. I know this is not possible. It’s really got me itching to garden though. I want to start flowers. Auntie Teacher tells me every year I should wait until mothers day. She’s right. The chance of frost is still very likely around here.



4 responses

13 04 2008

You know how to make mozzarella?

I’m not sure why there are so many seeds in a package. I’ll take whatever you’ve got leftover, though – the girls are itching to start a garden, too – they’ve already bought pea-pod seeds, and are excited to get it going. We’re waiting until Mother’s day – I’m still not convinced it’s not going to snow.

I would love to have herbs growing in my kitchen; I’m pretty sure I’ve got some oregano seeds in a drawer somewhere. I may do a little indoor planting later today…

13 04 2008

No Chili, I don’t know how to make mozzarella. I can learn though.

13 04 2008

Isn’t that what you wanted the cows for? And are you going to bring me your extra seeds?

13 04 2008

Yes, that’s why I wanted the cow, yes, I will bring you the seeds!

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