Not As Cool Looking As I Hoped

12 04 2008

  A couple of pictures of my arm boo-boo.

 I called the doctor yesterday because the steri strips were itchy and were pulling on my arm hairs. She said it was cool to take them off, I said she was my hero. I let my client pull them off. Is that trust or what! She did a great job and it seems as though all of my hair is still there. It did take awhile to get all the adhesive off though. And the big band-aid I put over it while I was at work left a nice red mark. See it?

 I gotta tell you though, I am a bit disappointed by how good it looks. I don’t think I will have much of a scar at all. I guess that’s what happens when you go to a plastic surgeon. I was hoping for a decent scar so I could make up a good story to tell people. Awhile back my friend had a couple of operations on her gut. She had a bout of Crohn’s Disease that nearly killed her. Needless to say her gut looked like hell. She has I think 4 huge scars. One day, she told me, she was walking down the beach carrying her surf board under her arm. A woman was walking towards her and as they got closer, the woman was staring at her stomach. As they passed, my friend said “Shark attack.” and kept on walking. She said the woman’s mouth dropped to the ground. I was nearly peeing myself I was laughing so hard.

 I could say I got attacked by a newspaper. Or maybe a mutant mosquito? What do ya think?




4 responses

12 04 2008

I’ve got nothing as good as “shark attack.” Sorry.

12 04 2008

WOW! All that for that little bitty spot? Damn!

Kizz is right – nothing is as good as “shark attack.”

13 04 2008
Laurie B

Tha band aid burn looks worse than your scar!

13 04 2008

Kizz! You are the artistic one in the family! Think up a good story for me! Jeepers.
Chili, no shit huh!?
Laurie B, I guess I can add band-aid adhesive to the list of things I am allergic too..

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