Ten Things Tuesday

8 04 2008

I started writing another post for today but that one will have to wait. It’s the home opener today here in Red Sox Nation! Ten Red Sox related things!

  1. First, I want to give a shout out too the room mate! She left the house this morning wearing her Red Sox cap and a red shirt. As she was walking out the door I told her she looked cute. She said “I’m dressed for opening day!” She rocks!
  2. I was talking to a guy at work yesterday who was bitching about how poorly the Sox have been playing. I ripped in to him by saying they have traveled a lot in a short period of time. To China Japan, California, Canada and now home. That’s a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time. I went on to say that it is way too early in the season to be such a pessimistic ass. Sit down and shut up, son.
  3. One of the Steinbrenner kids made some dumb ass comment about how Red Sox Nation is a bunch of crap and how he thinks there are more Yankees fans in the world. Here is the response from Red Sox Nation;
  4. There is all kinds of hype about today’s opening ceremonies. No word about who will throw out the first pitch or sing the National Anthem. They say it’s going to be really good though.
  5. Mike in a tux!
  6. The Vermont National Guard will be flying over Fenway. Very cool!
  7. 412 new seats have been added too the pahk. It’s called the Coca Cola section. They also added 100 standing room spots.
  8. The championship rings showed up at the pahk at 6am this morning. They got a police escort. At $20,00 each, I can see why.
  9. Game time is 2:05 today. It will be on in the car/office. I really wish I could watch. I may be coming down with something..
  10. Dice K is our starting pitcher today. I expect good things from him this year. He didn’t live up too the hype of last year. I am chalking that up to it being his first year in the bigs…





5 responses

8 04 2008

We have a history of hiring…..temperamental pitchers, so while I’m excited to see how Dice K’s game evolves I don’t expect his attitude to evolve much.

Mike looks gooooooood in a tux, does he not? Will your favorite announcer/tv personality girl be working the game? What is her name? Tina Cervassio?

8 04 2008

I think she left NESN. She’s very hot, for men!!

8 04 2008

Sadly, Kizz and Jimmy, Tina did leave NESN. I think she is with FOX in CT now. And Jimmy, some of us girls think she is hot too.

8 04 2008

Wait a minute – they were in CHINA? I thought they were in Japan. I mean, it’s a minor difference – I’m not sure even how much the time changes between them – but I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything…

8 04 2008

Good call Chili! I fixed it, thanks! Are you starting to get into baseball?!!

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