Sweet Dreams

7 04 2008

 I woke up this morning wondering if Chili made it home ok. About 4 swigs of coffee later I remembered she sent me a text last night.

“On the ground in NE. One hr drive home. Love!” it said.

Time stamp was 11:01. I was sound asleep but according to my outbox I replied;

“K. xo”.

I’m actually pretty surprised the vibrating phone woke me up.

 The moral of the story is that if you need to get in touch with me late at night and it’s important, you better follow up the next day. Also, if my house is on fire, come in and rescue me. I have slept through a fire alarm in the past. Scary.




2 responses

7 04 2008

I didn’t follow up because I GOT a response from you. I DID, by the way, send you a text telling you that I was safely on the ground in AL – you commented that I didn’t, and you never replied, so my guess is that it got lost in the system somewhere. If you get a random text in July telling you that I’ve arrived, just ignore it – I’m already home…

7 04 2008

I wasn’t trying to say you should have followed up this morning, Chili. I was just putting it out there that if it’s super important, people should follow up..
What struck me after I wrote this post is that I thought about you (or anything for that matter) before my coffee…
I’ll be waiting for that text!!

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