Who Stole My Drink?

6 04 2008

 MSTs party was a ton of fun! There was lots of singing (not by me!) and dancing. We met some new people which is always fun and the food was good.

 When I woke up this morning I tried to remember how many drinks I had. I purchased 2 and 1 was bought for me. You would think I would be feeling like ass today but I am not. I figure I only drank 1 and 1/4  of those three. That may be a stretch. The first one I shared with SLM1. She was getting ready to sing and needed some liquid courage. The second one I had a couple of sips, put it on the table and then got into a long conversation with the room mate. I turned around, picked it up and noticed that it was almost gone. I looked across the table to see SLM1 with a big smile on her face. I took another sip and handed her the cup. The third one I had a few sips then went out on the dance floor. I should have left it on the table. I ended up spilling more then half on the dance floor. Ugh.

 In anticipation of not feeling to good this morning, I made arrangements to have breakfast with Boss. She makes the best home fries in the world! Nothing cures a hangover like home fries. I’m heading there now. On the way I will call the SLMs to see how SLM1 is feeling. Not as good as me, I’m sure..



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7 04 2008

Well, I’m glad you had a good time and that you’re not feeling like ass. I don’t drink enough – ever – to feel bad in the morning; I’m just too chicken for that kind of crap anymore.

She MAKES homefries? Can you score the recipe? I’ve not had REALLY good homefries since Woody’s went out of business in the mid-90s.

7 04 2008
Laurie B

Best homefries are at my house, unless we are using the same “seat of my pants” seasonings and butter, lots of butter..Yum.

Glad you had a good time, had drinks and danced and landed with no regrets or hangovers. That makes for a lovely party for everyone.

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