The Optimistic Frog

2 04 2008

 Last night I couldn’t believe my ears. The tv was off, it was quiet in my house, and I was working on my presentation. That’s when I heard it. “It’s to early..” I thought to myself. I got up and went outside and sure enough, it was a peeper. Just one, best I could tell. As you can see, they are very small.

This guy is an adult. For such little critters they sure make a lot of noise. I happen to love the sound they make and look forward to going to bed with the windows open and having them sing me to sleep!

 If you want to know more about Peepers(and photo credit), go here. I had no idea they were so small.




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2 04 2008

Where I live peepers are something entirely different and far less desirable. 🙂

2 04 2008

HAHAHAHA, Kizz! Funny how the meanings of words change in different environments, huh?

I knew peepers were small, but I didn’t realize they were THAT small. I wonder what the little frogs are that get driven onto our roads when it rains too hard – they’re too big to be peepers – we end up doing obstacle courses to try not to squash them, whatever they are.

Our peepers aren’t out yet – at least, not that I’ve heard. I think the pond where they like to hang out hasn’t quite thawed yet. They are the indication to me that I can finally exhale and believe that spring is really arrived. Baseball season starts too early to be an indicator of spring for me..

2 04 2008
Laurie B

Our peepers aren’t out yet but we go to the hot tub every evening hoping to hear them. I’ve seen a few Great Blues while traveling to the Eastern parts of my state but none here yet.

The LU grad students are all over the vernal pool/salamander crossing things. It’s a right of passage for the enviro kids.

Happy Spring time!

3 04 2008

Those are not peepers you are avoiding in the road. Peepers like to hide… I’m going to try to find some this summer..

6 04 2008
Minnesota Matron

Peepers? I thought there was going to be some actual creepy human being outside your window. Relieved to see it’s an adorable quarter-sized slice of the natural world. . .. and here in the northland, happy happy for any reference to spring.

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