Ten Things Tuesday

1 04 2008

Ten more random things.

1. Today is Ma’s (the room mates mom) birthday! Happy Birthday Ma!

2. It’s also April fools day. No joke, Mike Lowell is the Sox player of the month on my Red Sox calender! I would post a picture but something is wrong with my wordpress account and it is freezing my computer. That’s part of the reason I haven’t had much to say lately. I’ll work on that this week.

3. It’s 6:43 am and already 54 degrees. Very nice!

4. I went out with the peeps on Saturday. While reading a text message, some woman came up to me and said ” Did you get my call?” In my head I thought, “Tell me she didn’t just fucking say that!” What I said out loud, in a very polite way was “Excuse me?” She said it again. In my head I said “You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Out loud I said “No I didn’t.” I had to just walked away. I am so not a fan of dumb pick up lines.

5. I am giving my oral presentation in Intro to Psychology tomorrow. I am showing part of a documentary, For The Bible Tells Me So, and then having a discussion about it. I highly recommend you watch it.

6. MST’s 40th birthday bash is this Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. There will be food, music, silliness and peeps! Fun, fun, fun!

7. I get to do a team building thing at work. I am not sure how much money I can spend but I am really hoping it is enough to take 3 or 4 clients camping and rock climbing. We will also do a bunch of trust stuff. So far, my clients are really excited about it!

8. I wanted to remove Chili’s stitches. She said no. Big sisters are such a bore. Good luck today Chili!

9. I have been thinking lately that I want to start exercising more. Don’t hold me to it, I’m just in the thinking phase..

10. I was talking with the room mate yesterday. She said it’s about time to pump the water off of the pool cover. She opens the pool during the 2nd week of May. I am so excited!

 Happy Tuesday!




3 responses

1 04 2008

7. You’re awesome, you say things like “get to do team building.” I hear “team building” and have to run away.

9. Keep thinking ’cause frankly exercising sucks donkey balls.

1 04 2008

The stitches came out just fine. Sorry to be a bore, but I had doctor questions (my spot is still WICKED tender, and I’m concerned that it should still be this sensitive). Before and after pictures tomorrow.

Any chance I can see you next week?


1 04 2008
Mrs. G.

Good luck with your presentation!

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