More Snow

27 03 2008

 Yeserday it was nearly 60 degrees out. I had the window down in the car. My hair was blowing all over the place and making me crazy. I have been growing it out since November. It grows really fast. I decided it was time to cut it off again. I was going to wait but I had some time this evening so I made the appointment. It’s not as short as it used to be but it’s short enough so it won’t blow around. Oh, and I don’t have to blow dry it anymore!


 After seeeing our weather for tomorrow, I am thinking I should have waited a bit longer. All that hair kept my head warm.




3 responses

28 03 2008

Grrrrrrr! We here at Chez Chili were REALLY hoping for a 2 hour delay. I HATE snow in March and April….

28 03 2008

That weather report is so fucking wrong.

28 03 2008
Laurie B

Just enough slushy snow here in Happy Valley to make driving messy.

Spring is almost here though, we have some crocus flowers up and blooming and the daffodil shoots around the house are up five or six inches. Yesterday while walking across campus I saw some forsythia in full gold bloom.

Stay warm.

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