Ten Things Tuesday

25 03 2008

A play by play!

1. Currently it is 5:51 am. I am in my Pj’s drinking coffee.

2. #1 is important to note because I am also watching baseball! The Sox are playing the A’s in Japan. Game time 10 minuets!!! I am in my glory!

3. They are having sound problems. Lot’s of people talking at once..

4. Opening ceremonies were cool. The young Japanese men did a great job with the National Anthem.

5. The dome they are playing in reminds me of the Metro Dome. I wonder how many routine fly balls will be dropped..

6. Ugh. Dice K just gave up a solo home run.

7. A picture for you Mike fans!


8. I’m going to try and take the fastest shower in the world in between innings.

9. Dick K had a crappy first two innings but looked sharp after that. His pitch count was high, he came out… Ok, one of my clients just called. Me, ” This better be important, I’m watching baseball!” Her, “I know, I am too! I’m aggravated, that’s why I am calling.”(The score is currently 4-3 A’s) Me, ” It’s only the 7th, we will be fine! Have faith!” Her, “Ok, I’ll see you later.”  How cool is that! She called to talk about baseball! I thought maybe she was calling to confirm her appointment with me today. Hmmm, I guess maybe I am doing to much talking about baseball while at work..

10. It’s now 9:41. Bottom of the tenth, we have the lead. I have not showered yet… Pap is pitching. Hurry Pap, I gotta get to work. My client sent me a text that said “Ha! Told you ya we wud be fine!” after we tied it up… A’s score but get an out on some very bad base running. Ok, I can’t talk about this anymore I am stressed. Oh wait, we just won! Gotta run, have a great day!

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4 responses

25 03 2008

Yee haw! My stupid ESPN widget does not show the damn score. Thanks for filling me in!

25 03 2008

I LOVE that you posted a Mike picture. You should be careful, or we straight girls are going to come to expect that of you….

25 03 2008
Mrs. G.

Enjoy your game! Hope your team wins.

25 03 2008

Kizz, my ESPN widget didn’t work this morning either… I’ll keep you updated tomorrow morning if you want. Send me a text if you do.

Chili, in case you haven’t noticed, lately I have been posting a picture of Mike every time I write about baseball. I am thinking it’s the only way I can get you to read about my baseball ramblings..

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