Another Picture of Mike Lowell!

19 03 2008

This is yet another reason why I love the Red Sox! From the Boston Globe;

Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell confirmed to the Globe that the team voted unanimously this morning not to make the scheduled trip to Japan or play its final spring training game against Toronto this afternoon unless the coaches, training staff, and equipment staff were going to be compensated for making the trip to Japan.”When we voted to go to Japan, that was not a unanimous vote,” said Lowell, “but we did what our team wanted us to do for Major League Baseball. They promised us the moon and the stars, and then when we committed, they started pulling back. It’s not just the coaches, it’s the staff, the trainers, a lot of people are affected by this.

“I’m so super proud of this team. When we put it to a vote it was unanimous, we’re all in agreement that we’re not going to put up with this.”

Not only that, but they threatened to boycott their game today if they didn’t get compensation for ALL of the staff that are making the trip. The game ended up being delayed an hour until a deal was reached. All the staff are getting an extra $40,000 to go to Japan. For some, it’s pocket change. For others, including some players, it’s more then they make in a year. Yes, it’s a lot of money to go to a foreign country that the rest of us may never be able to see because we don’t have that kind of money for vacations. Really though it’s about the principle of the thing. They were told when they agreed to this last fall that they ALL would be paid to go and when they were not getting what they were promised, the whole team rallied and stood up for what was right. I love this team!

See how I sucked you girls Mike fans in with today’s title?! Here you go!


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5 responses

19 03 2008

Would it be inappropriate to use alliteration to say, “He’s pretty, he’s principled and he makes my pussy twitch.”?

19 03 2008

Handsome AND ethical! It really doesn’t get any better.

Kizz, you’re a riot…

20 03 2008

Auntie…I will play devil’s advocate. With your push for acceptance of all, do you think Mike only appeals to the ladies that are reading? There could be men who are reading your blogs that were interested in seeing a new pic of Mike! đŸ˜‰ The Sox do rule!

20 03 2008

Anonymous, you a very right! Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it!

20 03 2008
Laurie B

I’m all for ethics and fair play. They guys won, everybody that travels gets paid. That is something I could like about baseball, or at least, this team. We have had some students that were field crew for this team and were paid a bonus check for the post season wins…that is cool.

I’ll give my “chest hair glimpse” of MIke Lowell over to some guy or gal that really digs it. NIce post but doesn’t work for me.

Hope that the job relocation goes better than you had expected. If you’re sure of the degree you want, then maybe the fast track is the way to go. You seem to be pretty grounded. Whatever you decide will be best for you will be the best for you.

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