Twenty Things Tuesday

18 03 2008

 I missed Ten Things Tuesday last week, so here are twenty random things;

1. I have been super busy at work and coming home very tired. That’s why I have been MIA.

2. Went to the Doc yesterday to have some moles looked at. I have to go back on April 4th to have a few removed and sent out for biopsy. No big deal.

3. I go to the Endo today.

4. There seem to be lots of birthdays this time of year. Boss’s kid, Bean, MST, my BFF, SLM1 and SLM2’s boys all have birthdays within a month of each other.

5. I got a new phone. I was going to switch carriers but I didn’t like the phones and my current plan is cheaper so I renewed for 2 more years.

6. I came very close to getting an iphone. I decided to wait until the next version comes out and I also want to see how well I can take care of the new slider phone with the big screen. I tend to drop phones…

7. I am probably going to go to the super accelerated program at the super expensive college starting in November. It will take me about 4 years instead of the 6 or 8 it will take if I continue the way I am doing it now.

8. Did I mention it is super expensive? 300 – 400 dollars more PER CREDIT then I am paying now! Saving time will be worth it. I hope..

9. It’s almost time to take the fleece sheets off the bed!

10. Tim Wakefield, my favorite pitcher, gets his own catcher. He throws a knuckle-ball and it’s hard to catch. His catcher just got released and they are trying out a new guy. The tried this last year too and it didn’t work out so well and they jumped through hoops to get the old guy back. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself..

11. My office is moving. It is currently in a nice city. It is moving to a scary city in a scary part of town where the parking sucks. I am not happy.

12. My BFF is coming home from Brooklyn this weekend and I am excited to see her.

13. I don’t usually do anything for Easter but this year I am going to the SLM’s to eat with them. I am bringing mashed potatoes.

14. I installed more RAM on my computer. The first RAM I bought didn’t work. New RAM works great.

15. Still haven’t done my taxes…

16. The storm door is broken. I need to remove the whole thing and replace the frame that has rotted away. Waiting for warmer weather..

17. Boss’s baby has learned some new tricks. She can now roll from her belly to her back and just yesterday, she learned how to stick her tongue out. I wonder who taught her that? Really, this is a huge accomplishment because she was born 4 months early and weighed 1 pound 12 ounces. She is happy and healthy at 7 months (real age 3 months)!

18. I watched John Adams on HBO on Sunday and loved it. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

19. I have had no time for pleasure reading and this makes me feel sad. SLM1 sent me home with a book last week and I think it will take me a couple of months to get through it

20. I am really tired of people stopping at the end of the on ramps. It has been happening a lot lately. Really people, how do you expect to safely merge with traffic going 65 mph + from a dead stop?




3 responses

18 03 2008

Why is the doc making you come back for the biopsy? Why not just take it off during the looky loo visit? Is that extra co-pay really going to put him/her over the top?

18 03 2008

We haven’t done our taxes yet, either. Gotta get on Mr. Chili about that.

You do know that you can spend Easters with us, right? We have a LOVELY dinner out and really have a great time. Of course, it means having to eat with the extended Chili family, but we could always put you on the end with Cousin Cris and you two could talk sports the whole time…

18 03 2008

Kizz- Apparently if you are having more then 2 removed you have to go the the hospital. I don’t think I am going to have to pay the co-pay again. The doc is a plastic surgeon, not sure if that factors in to it. My primary ( who I love!!) sent me there because it would have taken 4 months to get into the derm…

Chili- Thanks for the invite. Remind me next year? I like visiting with Mr. Chili’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

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