Ten Things Tuesday

4 03 2008

Spring is in the air! The birds are singing, the Sox are playing and me and the peeps have been making plans. Here are ten things I am planning for the summer.

1. A Sox game in Baltimore and a day in DC with Auntie Teacher and who ever else wants to go.

2. Alpine Zip Line for my birthday in July. My birthday is in May but the bugs up north are killer in May.

3. Camping. So far, two trips are in the works. One with Auntie Teacher which will include kayaking and one with SLM1, SLM2 and their twins in Vt which will include a trip to Ben and Jerry’s and a glass blowing place.

4. P-town, P-town, P-town!

5. Studying/hanging poolside.

6. LOTS of BBQ’s! Hungry? Come on over! I am a kick ass griller! I will probably be grilling most nights. Bring your bathing suit!

7. Gardening. I have a ton of ideas for the garden this year!

8. Fire Island. I had the BEST time there last year and I am really looking forward to going back.

9. Minor leauge baseball. The tickets are wicked cheap and the crowds are low key. Ideally I would like to take Punkin Pie and Bean. They don’t share my love of the game but there are fun kid things to do so I am hoping to convince them to join me.

10. More time with the family and the peeps. Several of my friends are teachers so they get the summer off. I have been saving my vacation days and hope to take most Mondays off from work. Since starting school (and working full time and being sick) it has been difficult to keep up with everyone. I am hoping summer will resolve this..




One response

4 03 2008

I don’t think you’ll have to work too hard to convince them to go; I think they’d have a good time (as long as they’re not in direct sunlight. We took them to a Sox game year before last and we were in FULL fun the whole time. The girls and I spent most of our time on the concourse, watching the game on the t.v. monitors…

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