I Am Pissed..

29 02 2008

 And that is an understatement. I found this story this morning. It pretty much says that 37% of college freshman in Massachusetts need to take remedial courses. 37%! Do you have any idea why this makes me mad? I’ll tell you! Because as of yesterday, the FBI is investigating whether or not Roger Clemens lied to congress. Not making the connection? Let me help you. The government is spending MORE money on this whole steroid/growth hormone thing. I mentioned the Pat’s spy gate bullshit awhile ago and how I was mad about wasting tax payers money on what should be an NFL issue. Same deal here. Let MLB take care of this. Make them hire independent investigators! Make them pay for this!! When are they going to have a congressional investigation in to why so many kids are either dropping out of school or graduating when they can barely read, write and God forbid, think critically!!

 Am I the only one who feels this way?

You all know how much I love sports, baseball in particular. I can tell you that I would give it up in a second if it meant more money for education and a whole host of other things that are way more important than this crap. MAKE MLB/NFL PAY! For a minuet I though about boycotting baseball. It wouldn’t do any good. I can’t boycott the government, that won’t do anygood either. I am  writing to my congressmen, but I fear that won’t do any good either.




7 responses

29 02 2008
Mrs. Chili

You can’t seriously think you’re the only one who’s bullshit about this…

1 03 2008
Laurie B

I’d like to add that the money that was spent on this uneeded study and report should also have been put to use to support the quality of education that a high school graduate must have in order to get ahead at any level of study or employment.

I had a “no shit” thought when I read that article.

1 03 2008

I agree with you kid. I figure in a civilized society, you ought to be able to trade two linebackers for a good English Teacher or three third rate short-stops for a country doc, but somehow it didn’t work out that way.

Dr. B

2 03 2008

You are not alone.

3 03 2008
3 03 2008
Grammar Snob

Sing it, sister!

3 03 2008
Mrs. G.

Education? Healthcare? These are things I care about. I could care less about RC.

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